Automated Demand Response

Our automated demand response offering maximizes the economic benefit of energy reduction through demand response and index price participation and enhances the marketing benefit of your energy efficiency initiatives.

adrThe strength behind our solution is the controller, a proprietary hardware system which interfaces with energy markets and demand response programs across North America to capture every energy incentive available to you. Participation in our ADR solution simplifies energy incentive programs to meet your goals, automates program participation according to your needs and eliminates the burden of data management and reporting.

Strength in Automation

Our ADR solution and its patented control algorithms are designed to leverage your existing infrastructure and enable hands-off participation in the incentive programs that complement your operations. Our system automatically and intelligently notifies personnel, adjusts energy usage and reports the benefits of participation – allowing you to focus on running your business.

Facility-Specific Solutions

Each facility is unique in its energy-reduction capabilities. Prior to participation, we will work with your facility managers to ensure that your customized load reduction strategy meets your needs and maintains customer comfort. Our Energy System will also proactively notify employees of each energy reduction event so they are aware of your participation.

The Power of Aggregation

adr3One key to our Energy System is the ability to optimize your benefits by aggregating your regional load reduction capability. Aggregating your load reduction capacity across multiple locations maximizes your financial incentives and your contribution to grid reliability. In addition, you will receive enterprise-level, real-time power monitoring that gives you valuable data at a portfolio level and facility level for customizing your energy procurement strategies.

Valuable Go-Green Marketing Data

Another benefit to participating in energy incentive programs is the inherent marketing opportunity associated with reducing energy usage. We will partner with you to quantify how your efforts are helping the environment, develop marketing materials that let your customers know you are doing your part to help the community and help you realize your corporate social responsibility initiatives.
Participation in demand response and index price control programs are an important part of sustainability initiatives, helping to reduce our dependence on “peaking” power plants and shrink our collective carbon footprint.