Energy Management

Energy Professionals is a full-service energy consultant. Our value comes through  helping you honestly access your current situation, shaping long-term strategies that make sense for your business, and walking with you every step of the way.

Choosing the right energy product through our Energy Procurement in only the beginning. Our Data Services will help lay the foundation of historical awareness and allow you to accurately track your progress moving forward. And our extended Energy Management Services can identify areas of concern and help outline solutions in a variety of areas, including:

Energy Star Certifications

Energy Professionals uses the Energy Star Energy Management Matrix as the guideline for its energy efficiency services. The Environmental Protection Agency developed the guidelines to help organizations establish and implement more effective energy management programs by benchmarking their own facilities against best practices.

Why Energy Star Certification?

  • Energy Star labeled buildings consistently use an average of 35 percent less energy and emit 35 percent less carbon dioxide
  • EPA backs results of higher net operating income and asset value in Energy Star labeled buildings
  • Federal agencies are now required to lease space in buildings that have earned the Energy Star label in the most recent year.

Tariff Analysis and Historical Bill Audit

Business operations evolve, and facilities expand and contract. Your meter configuration and tariff designation may no longer match your current operation, and you could be paying too much.

It’s the customer’s obligation to make sure they are billed accurately by the utility, but you may not know how to assess your facility or determine your rate class.

Energy Professionals will conduct a thorough analysis of the rate structure under which you’ve been billed, and make any corrections with the utility. We’ll also conduct a historical utility bill audit and search for any discrepancies. It’s a service with direct potential impact to your businesses’ bottom line.

Budgeting and Periodic Reviews

Utilizing the data set collected through our proprietary web-based software, Energy Professionals can assist you in forward planning of your energy spend. How much you use and how much is costs is a significant factor in any future growth of your business.

Our energy consultants will also schedule periodic reviews of your performance and forecasting, either quarterly or annually, to ensure that your energy plan is on track. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you make mid-course corrections, shifting the approach to help hit your budgetary and usage targets.

Other Services

Energy Professionals is your full-service energy consultants. We can assist in a variety of other energy issues impacting your business, including:

  • Seasonal Preparation – forecasting Heating Degree Days and Cooling Degree Days
  • Tariff Discussions- Peak demand reduction, alternative options and advocacy in rate cases
  • Review of Best Practices – Benchmark your facility against others in your industry

Contact Energy Professionals to begin a discussion about how we can work together to maximize your energy efficiency and reudce your costs of doing business.