Energy Procurement

We serve business owners and decision makers in negotiating and securing the energy they need at the best possible price.

Making sense of deregulation

While our mission is simple, the the laws and market rules that allow us to do that are a bit more complicated. Energy deregulation, which has been enacted to varying degrees on a state-by-state basis over the last decade or so, splits the “supply” side of the energy equation – the electrons generated and the gas particles pumped from the ground– from the “delivery” side – the pipes and wires leading to your business.

Traditionally, the local utility owned both supply and delivery; creating what many felt was an unfair competitive advantage. Deregulation forces the utilities to choose on which side of the business they want to operate. Most choose to remain in the delivery business and to keep the expensive infrastructure- the wires, the trucks and the meters – through which to pass some other company’s commodity.

In a deregulated state, multiple energy suppliers compete against each other, driving down prices and offering choice to consumers. But the options are numerous and the details confusing. That’s where Energy Professionals can help.

Your energy consultants

We have established relationships with several energy suppliers. We can explore the options, negotiate price on your behalf, and provide you with a worry-free transition.  The process goes like this:

  • We conduct an initial interview to determine the complexities of your energy needs and any preliminary contractual requirements.
  • We examine your business electricity and natural gas bills to determine your rate class, usage history and load profiles.
  • We prepare a request for proposal on your behalf and submit to several qualified energy suppliers
  • We identify the lowest bid and further negotiate any contract details
  • Once the contract is executed, the supplier submits all paperwork to your utility.
  • We monitor the transaction to ensure a seamless switch in your suppliers.
  • We remain on call as your utility consultant for any questions you might have regarding energy billings, and maintain a relationship with you throughout the course of your contract.
  • Approaching renewal, we reassess your needs and prepare another request for proposal.

Energy Professionals aims to be your trusted partner in navigating this evolving industry. We’ll take care of your natural gas and electricity needs, so you can focus on what’s really important: running your business.