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You Can Now Donate by Connecting to Your Local Solar Farm, Here's How:

Be a hero for us and the environment.

Benefit from Solar with No Upfront Costs, No Investment, No Installation. Guaranteed Savings

Dear Friends, 

The Big Brother Big Sister Foundation is proud to announce that by enrolling in community solar, you can now generate donations while lowering your electric bill by a guaranteed 10% and supporting local green energy.

On this page, you will find all the information you need in order to connect, contribute, and save. For more information please contact our partner Rodney Terry at Energy Professionals/Ampion Energy. 

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Big Brother Big Sister Foundation

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Support Local Green Energy

By enrolling in community solar, you’re not only guaranteed a 10% savings on your monthly electric bill, but you are supporting locally sourced green energy and effectively reducing Massachusetts’ overall carbon footprint.

What is Community Solar?

Community solar is a solar farm designed to help local communities benefit from solar, without the need to install solar panels. Connecting to community solar is simple, fast, and benefits you, the local community, and the enviornment. 

How Does Community Solar Work?

Electricity generated from a solar farm is delivered to the electric grid and you receive solar credits each month that automatically subtract from your total cost to the utility, reducing your costs by 10%, every month! And, by clicking on our unique link at the below button, you’ll help generate a donation for us!

Benefits of Community Solar

community solar

Solar Energy

community solar

No Installation & Maintenance

community solar

No Upfront Costs

Available to Renters

community solar

10% Savings on Monthly Bill!

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Common Questions & Answers

For More Information Call: (727) 865-4164

There is no cost to join, and each credit is purchased at a10% discount, which will show as a 10% savings on your electricity bill.

Electricity generated from a solar farm is delivered to the electric grid. Members receive solar credits each month that automatically subtract from their total costs to the utility.

Any qualified resident, small business, or religious institution with an electric bill in the appropriate load zone can subscribe and go solar; regardless of whether the property is owned or rented.

No problem. If you are already under contract with an energy supplier, buying solar credits will help reduce the costs of your entire bill. If you’re happy with the energy rates you are currently paying, you might as well do both!

You can take your subscription with you! As long as you reside in the same electric utility territory, you can continue to support clean energy and reduce your electric bill.

If you need to stop or cancel community solar for any reason, there no cancelation fees and no penalties.

Software Allows You To Track How You help The Environment & The Community!

Community Solar provides local jobs and electricity savings to businesses and residents. Community Solar reduces the amount of energy needed to be generated from fossil fuels, thus improving air quality and health throughout your area. And, you will have access to a software portal that will allow you to view solar production, monetary savings, and environmental impact as a result of your participation.