Sector Bank

Background: Banco Popular has a branch network and a set of geographically dispersed buildings with heterogeneous structural and energy characteristics, including different types of electricity supply contracts. This reality makes energy management very complex, time-consuming and sometimes inefficient.

Problem:  This financial institution has been pursuing a path for optimise its energy consumption, making the organisation more environmentally sustainable. Virtual Power Solutions has developed and presented an energy management solution in the branch office based on an EPC* contract.

Solution:  Virtual Power Solutions’ proposal consisted of a continuous monitoring of energy consumption and a permanent energy management service of Banco Popular branches, allowing a global, centralised and aggregated view of the entire energy structure.

The Virtual Power Solutions technical solution is based on a centralised architecture that receives information directly from the devices installed at each monitoring point and acts remotely on the main consumers (e.g., Air Conditioning systems and Illuminated Signs).

Previous energy assessments were performed to sample the efficiency of equipment, processes and buildings.

Site typologies were identified and created so that the equipment was suitable for each agency or building.

Through continuous monitoring, additional forms of energy savings are presented, such as changing behaviour without additional investment (Quick-wins), replacing inefficient equipment with an attractive payback, and renegotiating tariffs.

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