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How We Find You Lower Energy Rates

Your Bill Tells the Tale

Our free energy analysis starts with a recent copy of your energy bills, allowing us to review important factors that will help us find you the most competitive energy rates on the market.

Simply fill in some basic information about you and your business, drag and drop a recent energy bill, and fire away as you start your energy savings journey! 

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    Three Key Factors That Make The Difference

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    Transparent and Competitive Energy Savings

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    “From the minute I met this company I knew they knew what they were talking about. Their dedication and care to their clients and strategic partners really show. I would recommend them to anyone who is trying to create an energy-efficient home or business over any other.” – A.B.

    Five Stars

    “Great Company! They really know the energy industry in and out. Good customer service as well. I highly recommend using them as your energy consultant!” – C.M.

    The Benefits of Lower Energy Rates

    Some Common Questions & Answers

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    All our Energy Advisors are licensed and trained to be able to detect areas of potential savings, as well as find your the lowest energy rates possible. Your bill provides us with important information we need in order to do that, such as your rate class, your current energy rate, the amount of Kilowatt-Hours you use, the utility zone you are in, your peak energy demand and load, and many other factors that we review which will help us find your the lowest energy rate.

    We’re happy to hear you’ve already taken advantage of energy choice! The good news is that out finding you lower rates will in no way interrupt your current energy agreement. We can apply what’s called forward start pricing, helping you take advantage of present low energy rates that will be set to start once your current energy contract ends. 

    Finding lower energy rates and managing energy accounts can be complicated, so we’re happy to hear you’ve got someone you are working with. Due to our large network of suppliers, and our buying power, it could be possible that we’re able to price you accounts with a supplier your Energy Consultant hasn’t checked. At the end of the day, competition is only going to benefit you. Additionally, if you’ve got the lowest rates, we’d be able to confirm that and you’ll know your current Energy Advisor is doing a great job!

    At times, local utility prices can fall below market price, but here’s where energy choice comes in. Utility rates change throughout the year depending on supply and demand. A common example of this is summer and winter periods where energy rates can sometimes double. Taking advantage of energy choice allows you to select a competitive energy rate and secure that rate through a fixed-rate energy plan. A fixed-rate energy plan will guard your business against routine fluctuations and increases in your utility’s energy rates and in the long run will save you money. Fixed-rate energy plans can extend out from six months to seven years. The most popular terms are 24 and 26 months. 

    Once we receive a copy of your energy bills, it usually takes 1-3 days for us to contact all our suppliers, and come back with the lowest rates we’ve found. And once you choose the energy rate and agreement that best fits your business, we can have the agreement sent over within the same business day, helping you secure the rates you choose before any shifts in the market. 

    The energy choice program helps you find lower energy rates and that exactly what we help you with. Because we work with more than 40 top energy suppliers, when we come back to you with lower energy rates, we provide you with 3-5 of the lowest options we’ve found as well as out suggested best option. This not only allows you to see that we’ve done our home, but empowers you to make the decision you feel benefits your company the most. 

    Finding lower energy rates doesn’t have any hidden fees. The energy choice program is a program that has been mandated by your Public Utility Commission to help provide you with competitive energy rates. We simply facilitate that and bring you lower energy rates due to our vast network and long term relationships with top energy suppliers in your area.

    Our energy consulting services are free. Should you choose to go with an energy rates we’ve provided you, our company is paid a fee by the energy supplier you choose, so there are no additional charges, fees, or payments you’ll need to make.