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Energy Efficiency

The most powerful and effective way for our firm to gain insight on how we can help manage the demand side of a customer’s energy service is through analytics. This energy intelligence is achieved through monitoring software. An energy intelligence system will collect and analyze data trends through smart devices so you take immediate action through automation based on real time data analytics. This in turn will reduce costs through overall energy usage, react to peak demand charges and allow organizations to capitalize on otherwise missed energy saving opportunities.

We have access to many different energy intelligence companies that all have unique strengths and attributes. Depending on which verticals the customer’s business is in, we can find a software that is designed to maximize the way they use energy. With energy intelligence software, we are able to develop a blue print of what inside a customer’s building is using energy, when it is using it and if there is a more efficient way for it to operate.

Energy costs are an ever-increasing concern for businesses as these costs continue to rise year after year. Energy Professionals has solutions to enable businesses to create customized operational processes based on real time data analytics.

Energy audits are a powerful way to improve the energy efficiency and employee comfort of a business or industrial plant. Because buildings and industries are all unique, energy audits help to identify and prioritize specific areas for efficiency improvement. In the commercial segment, energy audits target the building and are therefore a path for maximizing energy savings in existing buildings. In the industrial sector, audits are often comprehensive but may focus on specific energy-intensive processes.

Energy Professionals will schedule an energy audit to identify any weak areas in the building and identify several ways to help promote energy savings and reduce utility bills, while helping to address climate change concerns and economic pressures. There are many different types of energy audits. We will identify whether your organization needs a comprehensive energy audit or a simple diagnostic audit to identify easy to remedy inefficiencies.

Possibly the easiest measure a commercial property can do to drive down the overall energy spend is a lighting retrofit. This is a simple way to make your building’s lighting more energy efficient. The energy savings will quickly pay for the installed equipment and produces a relatively fast return on investment. Lighting retrofits improve the quality of light, supporting employee morale and also result in less heat in the building envelope, which can significantly reduce HVAC expense.

Energy Professionals helps your business control rising electricity costs, manage the ever-changing environmental regulations, and your company’s concerns about employee well-being. We develop an energy strategy that will save you money and add value to your business going forward. With lighting taking up to as much as 25% of the energy used in most businesses, increasing your efficiency through better lighting can make a big difference to your monthly energy bill.

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