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Energy Management

Accurate analysis and consistent attention are the foundational elements for a successful long-term energy management strategy. Many companies have adopted an internal strategy for improving their operations. An important part of any organization’s strategy needs to include an energy management component to reduce energy costs. The primary objective of energy management is to either maximize profits or minimize costs.

Historically, many companies viewed energy as a fixed cost required to maintain ongoing operations. However, as markets decentralize, organizations are able to capitalize on new opportunities that emerge.

New strategies that combine energy procurement, efficiency and intelligence reflect the idea that energy is a valuable asset. Utilities incentivize companies to actively manage energy loads with price and demand-response programs. Microgrids, as a part of a company’s energy portfolio, can create revenue opportunities as well as increase reliability by reducing risk and operational impacts tied to outages.

At Energy Professionals, we complete an energy audit on your facilities to identify savings and efficiency opportunities. We take into consideration your facility locations, energy usage patterns, peak hours, risk tolerance and total energy spend to develop the best strategy for your specific needs. We will then make recommendations, negotiate agreement language and oversee the implementation of the desired course of action determined by you. We help make intelligent decisions clear by providing impactful, actionable data.

Energy Professionals provides clients with an overall energy strategy and assists in the implementation of new ideas, technologies and programs. Our holistic approach to controlling and reducing your energy consumption makes us a great choice to assist your current energy manager in developing a comprehensive energy plan. We can also serve as your “virtual” energy manager.

From deregulated energy procurement to determining the viability of renewable energy options, Energy Professionals guides our customers through all the different choices necessary to improve their energy profile. Energy Professionals finds budget-neutral solutions that culminate in total energy reduction.