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Energy Procurement

Procuring energy and managing related risks presents businesses with unique challenges unlike any other goods or services they purchase. In order to adequately vet all of your energy opportunities, there are many more things to consider than simply a comparison of prices.

Energy commodity prices can be extremely volatile. Understanding forward price dynamics, the impact of fuel costs on electric generation, and basic market design and structure are key to identifying the correct fit for your organization. Careful analysis of existing energy use patterns, historical costs, tariffs, market trends and the different available offers is required in order to know if it makes economic sense to take advantage of an available offer.

Since the turn of the century, Energy Professionals has successfully procured energy for hundreds of thousands of customers. Our relationships with all the upper echelon energy suppliers provides clients access to the best solutions to their energy budget.

Our national perspective and relationships with the most qualified suppliers in the U.S. allow us to present a multitude of supply choices to each of our customers. Armed with our thorough analysis, a customer can be confident they are making the best energy procurement decisions for their organizational needs.

Energy Professionals manages the energy procurement for companies with monthly energy budgets ranging from thousands to millions of dollars. Our advisors service our customers by helping them to strengthen their energy purchases and formulate strategies for better pricing options. With our unparalleled knowledge, and vast network of procurement solutions, we develop and execute strategies that lower annual costs for energy consumption, manage price risk and simplify energy procurement.

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Energy Professionals is committed to finding its customers the best possible rates on electricity and natural gas. Tell us your location and service type and our energy supply partners will provide you the most competitive offers.

Switching to an alternate supplier is easy. There is no chance of service disruption, and you'll continue with your current utility for energy delivery and emergency service. Take a few minutes to discover your best offers, and enjoy the benefits of retail energy in your home or business.

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