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Energy Sustainability

In today’s energy landscape, businesses need to understand their organizational energy trends across their facilities, but have few resources to help navigate the way forward. Energy Professionals provides complete granular data, coupled with actionable insight from our team of experts, to create a roadmap to shape your business strategy that increases savings and efficiency.

With careful analysis, Energy Professionals will create a strategic plan that can incorporate renewable energy resources like solar and wind, along with sustainable measures like lighting retrofits to reduce your organization’s carbon footprint, making your facilities more energy efficient. We identify how to best integrate these solutions with finance programs like PACE, or developing the project as a service so our clients are cashflow positive from day one.

Energy Professionals consultants help clients navigate through the financing and implementation of customized energy efficiency projects, as well as the operation and maintenance of new equipment, tapping the potential of energy conservation to generate cost savings. Energy Professionals finds cost effective solutions that make energy-efficient upgrades attainable in our client’s budgets.

Energy Professionals can identify projects and operational modifications that can quickly reduce energy consumption and costs. As technology has improved, the cost of renewable energy has finally caught up with traditional resources. This allows our clients to tap into alternative ways to take control of their energy needs.

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With many different solar financing options at our disposal, we can find the right fit for any organization’s budget.

Solar Ownership

This quite simply means the end user or customer buys and owns the solar resource. This requires initial investment, but allows for the maximum benefit.

Solar Lease

The customer enters into a lease of 7 or 10 years with an option to purchase the equipment at the end of the term. This approach allows customers to start the solar process without liability or upfront costs.

Purchased Power Agreement (PPA)

A PPA system is owned by a third-party investor and requires the end user to purchase the energy it produces for a specific period of time.

Community Solar

These projects are built, owned and maintained by a third party at a remote location, and customers commit to a portion of the energy it produces for a specific length of time.

In most of these cases, we can structure a solution that will make your solar commitment cash-flow positive from the outset. We are able to negotiate deals that will ensure customers as much as 30% savings for the next 30 years.

Demand Response programs offer cash incentives to customers who are willing to reduce their electricity use during peak times (times when energy prices are exceptionally high). A demand response program allows utilities to manage grid reliability and volatility in energy prices, and the savings are passed on to customers who participate.

These utility rebates can provide an addition revenue stream for many businesses. However, many organizations cannot simply reduce their demand for power or disrupt their production. The Energy Professionals team of energy efficiency and renewable energy specialists can find ways for clients to reduce their overall energy use, including during peak usage times. This is accomplished by creating energy demand response procedures that route power only to critical systems or by developing on-site generation that reduces the overall requirement for electricity from the utility grid.

Automated demand response systems offer the greatest control, allowing customers to automatically or remotely manage energy consumption at times of peak demand.

There are many incentives and finance options available for commercial solar projects. The advisors at Energy Professionals will help you identify all potential opportunities to lower your final cost of implementation.

Energy Professionals has a very unique offering for commercial facilities that allows them to implement energy savings strategies with no capital expense. This turnkey solution is known as “savings as a service.”

By turning lighting retrofits, renewable energy options and energy intelligence into an operating expense instead of a capital expense, our team can help your company realize projects that will drive down your current energy costs without requiring a capital investment. With guaranteed results and instant reductions in cost, we can put together a plan that requires no upfront investment, while leaving your company cash flow positive from the first month.

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