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YPurchasing’s mission is to lower costs on items and services our members use every day. YPG is excited to announce we have expanded our portfolio through partnership with Energy Professionals to offer YMCA’s across the country an opportunity to reduce operating costs. 

For many YMCA’s utility expenses comprise a large portion of our member’s budget. To help reduce those costs, YPG in collaboration with Energy Professionals, are poised to work with our Y members to find potential energy solutions.

To begin, Energy Professionals will need a little information from each Y member to get started on a free energy assessment. Once obtained, we will able to analyze your individual location’s utility accounts and look for ways to reduce and control costs. Please fill out the form on this page and if possible, attach recent copies of electric, natural gas & water/sewer invoices. Once submitted, we expect to be back in touch with you to:

  • Provide pertinent market information
  • Review the results of the analysis
  • Provide recommendations based on your specific energy profile


If you have a current energy supply agreement in place, please either attach a copy of the service agreement or provide the anticipated end date.

Please feel free to add any initial questions you have in the comment box below.

We look forward to helping you with your energy budget!

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