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Founded in 1999, Energy Professionals is one of North America’s leading Energy Consultants working with commercial customers to reduce and control their energy budgets, building client-specific, comprehensive energy strategies that factor in our client’s goals and objectives. Utilizing our extensive network of suppliers, energy efficiency experts and renewable energy partners, we bring the most effective, efficient and innovative technologies to the table. As an energy consulting firm, we offer both focused solutions to a specific issue and broad plans to address long-term growth, paving the way for energy independence, providing more choice and less waste.

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National Stores Inc.

National Stores Inc. is a family-owned retail chain headquartered in Los Angeles, California, with more than 360 locations in twenty-two states and Puerto Rico. They offer brand-name and private-label clothing, shoes, and household items.

Without an energy management system in place, all energy control was at the store level which meant store managers simply had to ‘remember to check’ daily that everything was turned off or set correctly before they closed up each night– an extra responsibility that was often forgotten.


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Energy Professionals takes pride in not only providing best in class service to our own clients, but to those of our channel partners and membership organizations. We are always looking to strategically align with membership organizations or commercial entities that want to leverage their existing relationships to create additional revenue streams while bringing additional value to their clientele.

Whether we enter into an agreement that provides energy consulting to members of an organization or become a strategic procurement recourse for an existing business, we are a reliable asset when looking to expand services and add recurring revenues to your bottom line.

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