About Energy Consulting

Our goal is to solve energy and operational related problems through our global relationships in an ever evolving and advancing energy landscape.

The team at Energy Professionals works closely with your organization to build a client-specific, comprehensive energy strategy that factors your goals and objectives. We then utilize our extensive network of suppliers, energy efficiency experts and renewable energy partners to bring the latest energy innovations and technologies to your benefit. Whether you need a focused solution to a specific issue or a broad plan to address long-term growth, Energy Professionals’ energy consultants can help you manage your energy expenditure and protect you from risk. This energy operations consulting and procurement consulting ensure that you get the best energy package for your home or business.

Our Expertise

Energy Solutions

We will do all the legwork to find the right options regarding all your energy needs.

Risk Management

We build a strategy that is based on your individual goals and objectives to ensure your energy plan is tailored specifically to your needs.

Green and Efficient

With technology changing every day, there are new, cutting-edge options that can control our client’s energy budgets.

Market Intelligence

Our energy advisor team’s vast market knowledge and dedication to detail provides a comfort level for our clients.

Customer Care

We are a continual resource for your organization with anything that is needed during your energy supplier term.

Timing is Everything

From understanding market movement to identifying sweet spots, we help you pinpoint the right time to hedge.



Company Leadership

Meet our Team.

Jim Mathers

President, Energy Professionals

Mark Hoover

VP of Operations

Daniel Heavner

Professional Energy Manager

Our Vision

The vision of Energy Professionals is to give the most reliable energy supply and operational consulting at the best rate possible. We create customized strategies that meet our client’s unique needs and solve their individual challenges. Our consultants are experts in finding value and capitalizing on opportunities to keep your business ahead of the competition.

Our goal is to solve energy and operational related problems through our global relationships in an ever-evolving and advancing energy landscape. We take a holistic approach to problem-solving, assessing your energy consumption and facilities used to ensure your existing assets are operating at peak performance, and your energy consumption is being utilized in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Since 1999, our energy consultants and advisors have maintained long term relationships with both our clients and service providers who trust us to help them achieve their business goals. Our culture of honesty, professionalism, along with a provider agnostic approach allows us to expand our global footprint while ensuring our reputation as one of the best energy operations consulting firms in North America.


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Energy Professionals is committed to finding its customers the best possible rates on electricity and natural gas. Tell us your location and service type and our energy manager will connect you to the most competitive offers.

Switching to an alternate supplier is easy. There is no chance of service disruption, and you'll continue with your current utility for energy delivery and emergency service. Take a few minutes to discover your best offers, and enjoy the benefits of retail energy in your home or business.

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