Save time and money with our superior Utility, Telecom, and Wireless Expense Management solution; a complete initial audit of all your invoices.

Our streamlined services built into our cloud-based software include:

  • Invoice processing
  • Monthly Tariff or Contract Auditing
  • Energy Consumption and Reporting

We use proprietary software that audits your bills based on consumption, contract rates and thresholds. The system reviews each line item on the invoices to detect invoice errors.

By locating potential errors before it becomes a problem, we can recover credits owed by vendors within the correct time frame, so you do not have to back track months to receive what is owed to you.

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As one of North America’s leading Energy Advisers, through our Utility, Telecom, and Wireless expense management, we can analyze your energy consumption and develop a plan to control or reorder processes to eliminate or reduce excess spend.