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Banco Popular Portugal

1500 Locations, One Energy Solution, Long-Term Savings.

The Challange

The Project

Improving Energy Efficiency in the entire branch network 


Reduce energy consumption and related energy costs
Raise awareness across all branches about energy efficiency and it's economic impact.
Provide an online, centralized energy management system.


1,500 Locations
Energy Performance Contract producing a 6 Year ROI
ZERO Investment

Initial Situation

Banco Popular has a branch network and a set of geographically dispersed buildings with heterogeneous structural and energy characteristics, including different types of electricity supply contracts. This reality makes energy management very complex, time consuming and sometimes inefficient. 

This financial institution has been pursuing a path for optimize its energy consumption, making the organization more environmentally sustainable. Energy Professionals premier partner developed and presented a branch-based energy management solution based on Energy Performance Contract. 

The Challange

The implementation phase of the project was divided into two parts. The first one involved carrying out energy assessments, where a survey was made on the consumption of 15 selected branches. After installing the system in two test branches and making the necessary adaptations, our technology partner installed the system for monitoring and controlling energy consumption in all the 168 branches defined by Banco Popular. Due to it’s size and diversity, this process was completed in 6 months.

The second phase consisted in the elaboration and execution of the strategic plan of actions to reduce electric consumption throughout the universe of monitored branches, to implement the necessary measures to increase Energy Efficiency. During the project, the savings have been measured through the monitoring of the branches’ consumption, and the monitoring system has also been maintained.


Improving Energy Efficiency in the entire branch network 

Centralized control and monitoring of 1500 bank branches, with:
Segmentation of electricity costs
Consumption track record, by branch
Real-time monitoring
Online energy manager

18% savings over the course of 6 years.

€75,000 in savings in the first year, with significantly reduced long term energy costs through efficiency.

Added Capabilities

Introduction of functionalities such as monitoring that indicates the opening and closing of each branch. Possibility to switch on lighting at a distance to increase safety Analysis of data collected to adjust contracted power in agencies and load shifting to ensure the correct operation with lower power Ability to adjust the the illuminated signs with seasonal sunrise and sunset settings. 


An Energy Performance Contract with a 6-year duration. Contractually, the rules of sharing savings have been defined as well as the remaining amount to be requested in case any branches were closed. In the first year of the contract, estimated savings amounted to €75,000. 

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