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Here’s how we find you lower energy rates If you’re trying to reduce your energy costs, finding lower energy

6 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Shopping for Lower Energy Rates

Here 6 Mistakes Your Should Avoid When Shopping for Lower Energy Rates There are some states in America that

The Importance of Competition in Energy Choice

“Thank you but I’m already working with someone…” The famous last words of the guy who paid too much!

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What Does an Energy Consultant Do?

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3 Most Important Factors When Finding Lower Energy Rates In the last two decades the price of electricity has more than doubled, going from an average of 6.57

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The Benefits of Finding Lower Energy Rates If you could pay less for the same exact energy, would you? In

What is a Kilowatt-Hour? A Very Simple Explanation

Every year, thousand if not millions of energy consumers part-take in the energy choice program by choosing their own energy