What Are The Benefits of Finding Lower Energy Rates?

The Benefits of Finding Lower Energy Rates If you could pay less for the same exact energy, would you? In

The Benefits of Finding Lower Energy Rates

If you could pay less for the same exact energy, would you?

In this article, I am going to list out the FOUR BIGGEST BENEFITS that you’ll experience when looking for and securing low energy rates for your home or business.

Kinda like that app you were the last one to find out about

If you’re not already familiar with the energy choice program or energy deregulation, finding out about it is kind of like finding that app that you seem to be the last person on earth to find out about.

Let me explain.

Have you ever run into an application, a tool, or a system of some kind that solved a major problem of yours and, in your excitement to tell other people about it they’d look at you with an awkward face and ask, “where have you been living all these years?”

Like they had known about this whole time yet somehow you were the one person who didn’t! 

For the longest time, I had a lot of trouble remembering my appointments.

If I had an appointment that was beyond “tomorrow”, I’d most likely not show up. Not because I didn’t care, I just never remembered them, even important appointments.

But the thing that bothered me the most, apart from actually missing most of my appointments, was that I would remember about them after the fact. 

In other words, I’d remember about them only after I had missed them! 

If I could somehow rewire my mental clock into a slightly different time zone, I’d have it made!

Well, the good news is that I finally I found an app that solved it called Remember the Milk.

After just a week of using it, my appointment problem was solved. 

I was so happy about solving it that people had a hard time understanding the smile on my face every time I got to a meeting on time or when i was there at the start of a zoom call. 

Naturally, I was excited, so I started to tell my friends about the app. 

While most of my friends didn’t really have an “appointment problem”, can you imagine my reaction when those that did told me that they were already using it!?

And they told me as if it was water rolling off a duck’s back. Like, “oh yeah, I use that all the time.”

Anyway not to belabor my example but the point is that if you aren’t familiar with energy choice or energy deregulation, it’s pretty much one of the best solution to your expensive, fluctuating, and ever-increasing energy bills.

And, “oh yeah, it’s been around for many years”…

What is Energy Deregulation?

While this video explains energy deregulation, I thought I’d take a few paragraphs to quickly explain it before going into its biggest benefits.

By default, when you open an energy account for your home or business you receive all your electricity and/or natural gas from your local utility company.

Consequently, you pay whatever rates your local utility charges for the energy you use.

Energy choice or energy deregulation allows individual retail energy suppliers – other than your local utility – to offer electricity and natural gas directly to consumers – meaning you.

Unfortunately, not all U.S. states are “deregulated”.

But, if you live in a state that allows you to choose your own energy supplier, you will have access to competitive electric and natural gas rates as well as multiple different plans, from a number of different retail energy suppliers.

Finding lower energy rates is one of the easiest and best ways to pay less money for the same exact energy that you’re already using at home or at work, but that’s not the only benefit.

Here are the four biggest benefits you’ll experience when switching to a retail energy supplier:

4 Benefits of Finding Lower Energy Rates

1. Energy Savings

The competitive energy market offers you real opportunities for savings. According to the Energy Information Administration:

From 1997-2015, consumers in states with energy choice saw their electricity rates decline by 4.8% while ratepayers in states without competition saw their rates increase by 82% (adjusted for inflation).

2. Budget Certainty

As you’ve probably noticed there are parts of the year that you spend more money on energy.

Part of this is because you use more during the summer and winter periods.

But another major reason is fluctuating energy rates. Depending on your utility, the rates you pay for energy can change monthly, quarterly, or every 6 months.

The EIA reports that energy rates have increased by 15% over the past 10 years. That means every year, you’re paying more for electricity and natural gas.

While shopping for energy supply does not always guarantee the lowest rate, by locking in a fixed rate with a supplier, you can avoid future price volatility and better budget your monthly energy costs.

Many retail energy companies offer multiple fixed-rate plans, where you can lock in certain energy rates for set periods of time.

For both your home and business, choosing a fixed-rate contract is one of the best ways to provide peace of mind.

3. Clean Energy Options

As increasing numbers of consumers seek green or clean energy sources, retail energy companies that want to remain competitive are increasing their green offerings. This means when you shop for energy rates, you’ll often have the ability to choose plans that supply you with energy generated from clean/renewable sources.

Very often green energy rates are the same as and sometimes lower than normal rates, and you’ll be able to have all the benefits of renewable energy, as well as all the benefits of energy choice!

4. Control Over Your Energy Bills

For a long time, people paid too much for energy but felt there was nothing they could do about it and rarely gave it a second thought.

Having energy choice puts you in the driver’s seat, which is always the best place to be.

You will be able to choose and decide how much you pay for energy based on available options.

About Energy Professionals

For over 20 years, my company, Energy Professionals, has helped thousands of businesses save millions of dollars just by helping them find and secure the best energy rates and plans for their needs.

My main purposes for my blogs is to provide education, however I do want you to know that if you need any help to find lower energy rates for your business or have questions as to what plans are best for your needs, Energy Professionals does have licensed energy consultants available to answer any questions you may have and to help you through the process at no cost to you.

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