Energy Professionals helps YWCA power the fight against racial discrimination and the protection of women’s rights

Energy Professionals helps YWCA power the fight against racial discrimination and the protection of women’s rights Energy solution strategy projected

Does Santa Really Exist?

Are you telling me that over 664 million people believe in something that doesn’t exist? A legendary figure, who goes

Helping People Get Back on Their Feet

“We really appreciate all your donations and all your thoughts. Keep them coming, thank you.” – HEP Breaking the cycle

How To Leverage The Energy Market To Stay Warm This Winter

The Race Between The Current Energy Market and Winter Rates Using Market Pricing to Your Advantage How turning on your


Energizing a Bahamas Relief Drive At the beginning of this month, hurricane Dorian hit the Northern Bahamas as a category

How To Prepare for a Hurricane

You Can’t Control a Hurricane, But You Can Prepare For It While blue skies, sunshine, beaches and wonderful our summer

Introducing Our New Professional Energy Managers

Our New, Certified Professional Energy Managers: Originally from Connecticut, James has been working in Energy for three years and has

Buckeye Update: The Punches Continue

Energy Update: What This Means For You, The Ohio Energy Consumer We don’t talk politics, but when it directly affects

California’s Already Done It. Will Massachusetts Follow?

Massachusetts’ Solar Energy Future: The Advantages of Going Solar While America continues to see a rise in renewable energy use,

Florida Could See Energy Deregulation by 2020

Florida’s Energy Choice Amendment Collects More Than 384,700 Signatures A proposed amendment that changes Florida’s energy industry works to appear

Is Air Really Free? HVAC New Life Restoration

Is Air Really Free? Refreshing Facts We spend 90% of our time indoors. We breathe just about 3,000 gallons of

Supporting Those That Protect America

Energy Professionals is one of Americas leading Energy Advisers, helping commercial companies nationwide not only reduce energy costs but helping

Save Money While Staying Warm

The United States in one of the world’s largest countries, so of course that comes with a wide variety of

The Energy Professionals Family Mourns the Loss of a Treasured Colleague and Friend

On Saturday, May 5, team member Chris Griffin was killed in a tragic auto accident. Chris spent more than a


  Technology has changed the way companies can monitor, control and conserve energy. While energy management is one of the

Take Control – Understand and Customize your Electric Bill

Take Charge of your Electric & Natural Gas bills by switching suppliers. Did you know:  You don’t have to use

HOUSTON – We Have A Problem!

We just talked to a business owner in Houston who was paying 13 cents/kWh!!! We just saved her $1000’s in


The number of participants in the “Maryland Energy Choice Program” has increased over the past few years, primarily due to