Take Control – Understand and Customize your Electric Bill

Take Charge of your Electric & Natural Gas bills by switching suppliers. Did you know:  You don’t have to use

Take Charge of your Electric & Natural Gas bills by switching suppliers.

Did you know:

 You don’t have to use the default electricity supplier that your utility company uses to power your home? Instead, you can compare rates from dozens of suppliers online and reduce your monthly electricity bill. You could even switch to a renewable energy source without having to install solar panels.

Understanding your Electric Bill

 Every month, like clockwork, your energy bill arrives. If you know where to look, it contains some useful information regarding your energy usage and rates. And while it varies by location, most electricity bills are broken down into two sections:

  1. Distribution or Delivery Charges
  2. Supply Charges

Distribution/Delivery Charges:

 This is the cost that you pay to the utility for maintaining the poles, wires and transmission stations to get the electricity to you. In addition, this section will include any additional fees or taxes you might be responsible for.

 Supply Charges:

 This is what you pay for the electricity itself. This can also be called the generation charge, and is determined by the price per kilowatt hour x monthly number of kilowatt hours.

Customize your Electric Bill by Choosing your Energy Supplier

 Residents and businesses across several states can switch electric & natural gas suppliers to gain greater control over your electricity and natural gas bills. With our online pricing tool, you can compare and shop for rates online. For an even better, lower rate, contact one of our advisors today. Our advisors have access to unlisted rates – from over 21 energy suppliers who are ready to compete for your business.

At what cost?

Our advisory services are completely free and our loyalty lies with you, the client. With our advisory services, we promise to get you the best rate possible. In addition to finding solutions for electricity and natural gas, we also identify onsite generation, renewable energy and energy efficiency products that fit the way consumers use energy.

States where suppliers are ready to compete for your business:

California, Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington, D.C.

How to Compare Energy Rates

  1. Visit our online Pricing tool at: https://naea.wpengine.com/pricing/
  2. Next, select whether you are looking to compare rates for a Home, Small Business or Commercial location.
  3. Choose whether your location runs on Electricity or Natural Gas.
  4. Enter your Zip Code
  5. Select your Utility Company and click, ‘Get Rates Now!’
  6. Enter your Past years usage and your current rate. Click Re-Quote.
  7. You can even drop down the ‘Advance Filter’ tool to target select suppliers and choose your preferred contract length. The click, ‘Apply Filters.’
  8. Next, Browse available rates and plans.
  9. Once you’ve chosen your preferred rate, click, ‘Sign Up’
  10. Next, fill out your account information and click, ‘Submit’
  11. Verify your information and then you’re done! You’ll then receive a confirmation email!


Choose Your Energy Supplier

Energy Professionals is committed to finding its customers the best possible rates on electricity and natural gas. Tell us your location and service type and our energy manager will connect you to the most competitive offers.

Switching to an alternate supplier is easy. There is no chance of service disruption, and you'll continue with your current utility for energy delivery and emergency service. Take a few minutes to discover your best offers, and enjoy the benefits of retail energy in your home or business.

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