Buckeye Update: The Punches Continue

Energy Update: What This Means For You, The Ohio Energy Consumer We don’t talk politics, but when it directly affects

Energy Update: What This Means For You, The Ohio Energy Consumer

We don't talk politics, but when it directly affects you, as an energy consumer, we want to provide solutions and ensure you understand your options.

Two weeks ago we released an article, Buckeye Black Eye Part II, that covered Ohio’s HB6, a new bill that approved a billion dollar bailout of FirstEnergy’s nuclear and coal-fired power plants. Being a consumer-based subsidy, the bailout means Ohio energy customers will be seeing a significant increase in their monthly electric bills. 

The article is actually a follow up on a few previous articles released by Energy Professionals some years ago. The articles not only work to raise awareness of Ohio’s energy scene and translate that into how it will effect energy consumers, but also proposes proven solutions. 

(Ohio articles archive include, Buckeyes Based and Another Black Eye for Ohio Energy Consumers)

For over two decades, Energy Professionals has been providing best-in-class energy consulting services to thousands of Ohio energy customers, helping realize thousands of dollars in cut costs through our wide reaching network of North America’s top energy suppliers.

The Latest Right Hook

A group seeking a statewide referendum to overturn Ohio’s new nuclear-power bailout law will have to restart their efforts, as Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost on Monday rejected their proposed ballot summary.

Yost, a Columbus-area Republican, wrote in a rejection letter to the group Ohioans Against Corporate Bailout that he found 21 errors with the group’s proposed summary language – a succinct explanation of the proposal provided to voters asked to sign a petition supporting the measure… read the full article

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