Why are electric rates skyrocketing in Ohio?

On May 15th, we published an article in Yahoo Finance that said electricity prices for most Ohio customers will double

Electricity Prices for Most Ohio Customers Will Double in June

Electricity Prices for Most Ohio Customers Will Double in June; Customers Are Strongly Urged to Shop for a Better Deal

Energy Professionals’ Price Protection Program Helps Guard Small Businesses Against Predicted Inflation

National energy consulting firm Energy Professional provides small businesses with protection against inflation and the rising costs of energy. Should

Three Factors That Will Impact the Energy Market – Spring 2021

Are Gas Prices Increasing? Unless you’re driving an EV, you’ve undoubtedly noticed gas prices are rising at the pump. Because

Florida: Duke Energy Proposes Rate Increase

According to an article recently issues by YahooFinance Duke Energy is proposing an increase of 2.6% – 7.7% for residential,

2020 Ushers a New Era of Energy Intelligence

See. Control. Manage. Automate. All In A Snap-Shot Energy intelligence connects real-time data about operations to a powerful analytics and

Renewable Energy To Expand by 50% in Next 5 Years

Global supplies of renewable electricity are growing faster than expected and could expand by 50% in the next five years,

50 Amazing Energy Facts

Taken from www.electricchoice.com here are some amazing facts about Energy: The United States is one of the world’s leaders in energy

Am I Paying The Lowest Energy Rates Possible?

Quality VS Price? The age-old debate doesn’t apply A recent poll done by thestreet.com found that most American’s shop with

How To Leverage The Energy Market To Stay Warm This Winter

The Race Between The Current Energy Market and Winter Rates Using Market Pricing to Your Advantage How turning on your

Massachusetts Set for Another Spike in Electrical Rates

Where Does MA Fit Into The Picture For the past six years, most U.S. states have seen a steady increase

Time For a Price Increase? Maryland’s Energy Prices Are Increasing to Pay for Clean Energy Act

What’s Happening? In July we released an article explaining Maryland’s newly approved Clean Jobs Act – Maryland’s commitment to sourcing 50 percent

Buckeye Update: The Punches Continue

Energy Update: What This Means For You, The Ohio Energy Consumer We don’t talk politics, but when it directly affects

Buckeye Black Eye Part II: Ohio Energy Consumers Are Not Happy

Heads Up for HB 6 – Lets Read Between the Lines: “A consumer-funded subsidy…” Last week, Ohio legislators approved what’s

Maryland’s Clean Jobs Act Increases RPS, But Will Have An Impact on Energy Consumers Who Aren’t Prepared

Clean Energy leaders celebrate as the Clean Jobs Act passes state lawmakers A few months ago, Maryland’s Clean Energy industry

ACT FAST: Significantly Low Natural Gas Prices Could Save You Money

How to make the most of low natural gas pricing. As the saying goes, if a window of opportunity appears,

Are You Spending Too Much on Energy?

Whether you own your own business or are responsible for monitoring expenses in a large corporation, you know it is

Avoiding Energy Contract Mistakes

Whether you are a small-business owner or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, you know the importance of making