5 Solutions to Significantly Reducing Your Business’ Energy Bills

“Small businesses in America spend more than $60 billion a year on energy” How to Reduce Your Business’ Energy Costs

What Does an Energy Consultant Do?

Let me start this article by asking you a very important question: How much time a day do you spend

Top Reasons Why Companies Work With Energy Consultants

Constantly changing and encompassing a wide array of fields, the energy industry can be difficult to understand. This makes it

Do You Deserve an Advisor?

Every new president appoints advisors whose advice they trust based on past performance…to add certainty for decisions. You hopefully don’t

Energy Alert: Buying Opportunity for Hedgers?

Very Mild February a Long-Term Buying Opportunity for Hedgers? (My reports focus on Natural Gas as it is now the

Energy Advisors Jan 2017 Message from CEO Jim Mathers

What do we do for clients? CEO Jim Mathers summarizes our mission at NAEA.  We help clients by informing them

New England Knockout?

 Massachusetts Electric Consumers Keep taking it on the Chin. More increases in delivery charges Eversource announced its plans to once

NAEA Supports CLC Golf Tourney

North American Energy Advisory (NAEA) is proud to support those organizations improving their community such as the Community Learning Center


Recently, I had the pleasure of attending the 138th annual National Guard Association of the United States Conference in Baltimore,


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