Recently, I had the pleasure of attending the 138th annual National Guard Association of the United States Conference in Baltimore,

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending the 138th annual National Guard Association of the United States Conference in Baltimore, MD. This event was designed to bring together National Guard Association members, military personnel, and supporting organizations from all over the country to build relationships and foster a professional network between the military and commercial entities.

The entire production was awe-inspiring! I was impressed by the variety of events: the many organizations who presented their ideas, products and future plans; the multitude of guest speakers, including presidential nominee Donald Trump; the various military organizations; and the heartfelt memorial services to honor the 15th anniversary of 9/11.

I went to learn more about how our energy professionals at The North American Energy Advisory could assist the military and their community of supportive organizations with their energy efficiency strategy and Green Energy implementation plans.

North American Energy Advisory, Inc. was founded by Jim Mathers in 1999. Jim is a 1983 graduate of Annapolis, and a retired Navy Nuclear Engineering Officer. Our company’s core principles align with what our founder learned from his time at the Naval Academy and during his service in the Navy as one of the Nuclear Engineers on the USS Flying Fish, SSN 673.

Based on those core beliefs, North American Energy Advisory (NAEA) has chosen to partner with Patriot Consulting Group to provide additional energy consulting services to the clients we serve. Our firm strives to help commercial organizations control their energy costs, while Patriot Consulting Group, a company that is owned by disabled veteran Maj. General (ret.) Donald Fick and Col. (ret.) Mike Hillestad, who both bring a wealth of experience guiding clients towards success across multiple Federal and State agencies, including the military and department of defense.

We have launched a new program designed to give back to the men and women of the military. We’ve named it “Support Our Troops” after the wonderful organization already providing goods and services to Veteran and Active Duty military and their families, including: family assistance; providing tuition for camps for children; and community outreach programs.

NAEA is able to utilize our network of energy supply companies to help employees and family members, or any friend of the military give back to those who dedicate their lives for our freedom. If you live or work in a state that is deregulated for electricity and/or natural gas, we have designed a online energy buying portal that allows consumers to shop online for their energy supply. In most cases we are able to identify opportunities for customers to reduce their overall energy spending, while creating budget certainty. NAEA is also providing access for residential and commercial energy consumers to directly access green energy resources.

The “Support Our Troops” energy campaign is dedicated to support the men and women that defend our country, and help those who protect the freedom that you and I enjoy each day. NAEA is honored to give back by donating 10% of all proceeds generated through this campaign directly to the “Support our Troops” fund.

I am pleased to announce that The North American Energy Advisory has opened up this program to all consumers of energy in deregulated states. If you live or work in IL, TX, OH, PA, MD, DC, MA, DE, NY, NJ, RI or NH, we can help you lower your energy cost, create budget certainty and make a donation to the “Support our Troops” campaign fund. This amazing program allows us to help you save money on an every day necessity, and allow you to help fund vital resources to support our brave men and women who bravely serve our country.

Please do your part by providing the link below to your company’s marketing director, human resource officer or whomever can help get the word out. We would ask for you to share this on your social networks, or any other avenue to help this cause.

For more information on how Patriot Consulting and North American Energy Advisory can help your organization, or how your company can help “Support our Troops,” please contact us today:

Matt Helland
Phone: 1 (888) 407-3152

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