Are Natural Gas Prices Poised To Move Sharply Higher?

The Jan 9th Energy Update pointed out that the three major factors responsible for increased energy costs the last two

Unseasonably Warm Weather Throughout the U.S. Continues to Pressure Natural Gas Prices

The Jan 3rd Energy Update recommended taking advantage of the recent unexpected short-term decline in Natural Gas as protection against

Winter Update – Natural Gas Prices Decline Due to Freeport LNG’s Delayed Reopening and Mild Weather in Late December

In today’s Energy Alert I will review Natural Gas rates from Jan 2021 through Dec 2022, and discuss the 2023

Natural Gas Prices Again Increasing After Testing October’s Seasonal Low

In my Nov 29th Energy Update, I said we were entering the fall shoulder period in which demand for Natural

Natural Gas Prices Increasing After Reaching October Seasonal Low

In my Oct 17th Energy Update, I summarized what happened to Europe’s Natural Gas prices after the European Commission introduced

High European Natural Gas Prices a Warning for America?

In the Oct 3rd Energy Update, I explained why I believe the unwinding of storm risk premium was a long-term

Energy Assets Were Not Damaged By Hurricane Ian, & Natural Gas Continued to Decline, is This a Long-Term Buying Opportunity?

In the Sept 19th Energy Update, I explained why I believed the pullback of Natural Gas due to this year’s

Is the Slow Start to the Hurricane Season an Opportunity to Lock in Fixed Rates for Natural Gas and Electricity?

In the August 30th Energy Update, I said the consequences of a major storm this year impacting the price of

Natural Gas: Calm Before the Storm About to End?

In the August 15th Energy Update, I said we were experiencing the calm before powerful storms may trigger an explosive

Natural Gas: Calm Before The Storm?

In the August 1st Energy Update, I said I believe the pullback early that week was a buying opportunity as

Is Natural Gas’s Pullback This Week a Long-Term Buying Opportunity?

In the July 18th Energy Update, I said if warmer than normal weather continues into August or a major hurricane

Natural Gas Rallying Due to Hot Weather Forecasted Throughout the United States

After writing the July 5th Energy Update, explaining Natural Gas’s 15% decline was based on the PHMSA June 30th Report

U.S. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration PHMSA June 30th announcement triggers 15% decline in Natural Gas

In my June 27th Energy Update, I said after Freeport LNG announced the damage at its plant would keep it

Natural Gas Declines 60% from 2022 High Tests Long-Term Support Near 2011 to 2021 Breakout

In my June 20th Energy Update, I said after Freeport LNG announced the damage at its plant would keep it

Delayed Reopening of Freeport LNG Lowers Risk of Higher Natural Gas Prices This Summer, But Delay May Also Increase Risk of Higher Prices Long-Term

In my June 13th Energy Update, I said after the explosion at Freeport LNG, Natural Gas declined to the 40-day

Freeport LNG Explosion Slows Natural Gas Rally, But Risk Remains For Higher Prices This Summer

In my May 31st  Energy Update, I discussed three risk factors that increased the risk Natural Gas would be higher

Risk Factors for Higher Natural Gas Prices This Summer

In my May 16th Energy Update, I said Natural Gas continued to move higher after the EIA released their Short

EIA’s Latest Short-Term Energy Outlook Forecasts Natural Gas Prices Will Continue Moving Higher in Second Half of 2022

In my May 3rd Energy Update, I warned Natural Gas was continuing to rally and may have further to go