Why Is Energy Independence So Important?

Why Energy Independence? Energy independence often refers to decreasing or eliminating the U.S.’ dependence on other countries for oil and

The Three Most Common Objections to Going Solar

Whether you are considering solar for your home or your business, you are most likely going to have one if

Michigan Utilities Offer Energy Efficiency Incentive

Michigan Utilities Offer Businesses Up To $1,000,000 To Implement Energy Efficiency Solutions. In an effort to reduce energy consumption some

Indiana Utilities Offer Energy Efficiency Incentive

Indiana Utilities Offer Businesses Up To $100,000 To Implement Energy Efficiency Solutions. In an effort to reduce energy consumption some

How Energy Solutions Increase Profits for Manufacturers

Overview Manufactures can experience significant impacts from things such as commodity price changes, tariffs and taxes, labor rates, updated regulations

Rhode Island; Leading the American Green Revolution

With deep roots that run parallel and synonymous with American history as well as a long lists of firsts that

Innovation: Electric School Buses Will Improve Grid Reliability

Not a Pretty Picture The environmental impact of transport is significant because transport is a major user of energy, and

2020 Ushers a New Era of Energy Intelligence

See. Control. Manage. Automate. All In A Snap-Shot Energy intelligence connects real-time data about operations to a powerful analytics and

Steel Plant Set To Operate on Solar and Wind Power

Taking Advantage of The Saudi Arabia of Wind The steel industry accounts for about 6%-7% of our world’s greenhouse gas

60,581 Pounds of Fresh Air

We Just Planted A Bunch of Trees The Air We Breathe Launched by our President and CEO, Jim Mathers, planting

U.S. Cities Start Banning Natural Gas Stoves

They’re Coming For Your Stove! It’s one thing to read about U.S. states committing to 100% renewable energy by 2050;

Were Planting Trees For You

Save Money While Saving The Environment This month, there’s no need to feel selfish or greedy when you save huge

Trees and CO2 Emissions

A Double Whammy In our previous article, we talked about how strategically placed trees can help you reduce your energy

How Trees Reduce Your Energy Bills

A Little Bit of Landscaping Goes a LONG WAY How to reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint AT

What’s All The Smoke About?

CO2, Pollution, Why Worry? If you’ve been watching the news or surfed YouTube lately; you’ve undoubtedly seen a lot of