Rhode Island; Leading the American Green Revolution

With deep roots that run parallel and synonymous with American history as well as a long lists of firsts that

With deep roots that run parallel and synonymous with American history as well as a long lists of firsts that have helped shape America into what it is today, Rhode Island is a small state with big plans. 

As one of the original thirteen colonies, it’s Rhode Islanders’ bravery to think differently, newly and out of the box that has defined Rhode Island and helped form the United States as we know it today. From being the first to take military action against England by sinking The Gaspee, to establishing the first practical working model of American Democracy, fathering freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of public assembly and starting the American Industrial Evolution, Rhode Island now plans to set yet another first.

The American Green Revolution

The American Green Revolution isn’t an official thing, yet that is. As we approach the half-way point in the twenty-first century, people are becoming more and more aware of the importance of renewable energy and reducing emissions and pollution. 

Whether you believe in global warming and climate change is no longer the question. And if you do believe in it, supporting it or being able to say that you believe in it, is no longer enough. With a steady increase in energy demand and usage, the U.S. is now setting steep sustainability goals and talks about reducing emissions is no longer included in the agenda – it’s now the main subject. 

Thanks to advancing technology and billions of dollars worth of investments, renewable energy solutions are now affordable at a grass roots levels. For home owners who want to create their own energy and do their part within the Green Revolution, to business owners, commercial and even industrial companies who not only see renewables as a way to better control energy budgets while helping the environment, but also a profitable solution to their increasing energy bills. Renewable energy solutions are more and more within reach. 

While going green is now possible for any home or business, we run into slightly bigger challenges when we talk about running an entire state from 100% renewable energy, and yet that’s exactly what we’re talking about. 

Rhode Island Announces Plans to be 100% Renewable by 2030

That innovative way of thinking that so characterizes Rhode Island still runs through their veins as Governor Gina Raimondo signed an executive order that directs the state to plan for 100% green energy by 2030. 

Two years faster than Washington D.C.’s goals and 10-20 years faster than similar goals set by other states, Rhode Island plans to be the fastest to 100% renewable energy. 

The multi-channel approach includes improving energy efficiency, reducing emissions and increasing the states clean energy capacity ten-fold by the end of 2020. 

Impact on Economy; a Positive Side Effect

Going green has many very positive side effects, no small one being a boost in local economy and local job opportunities. 

In a recent summit we attended, the subject of unemployment specifically among diverse communities was a key subject when we spoke about renewable energy. Indeed, going green will help that problem too. 

A recent report by Forbes states that “Renewable energy jobs are booming across America, creating stable and high-wage employment for blue-collar workers in some of the country’s most fossil fuel-heavy states, just as the coal industry is poised for another downturn.” and that “The renewable energy industry has become a major U.S. employer. E2’s recent Clean Jobs America report found nearly 3.3 million Americans working in clean energy – outnumbering fossil fuel workers by 3-to-1.”

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Energy Professionals' Role

Going 100% green will require reducing energy waste, improving efficiency and implementing renewable energy sources. With twenty years of experience in the energy industry and one of the largest networks of suppliers and solution providers, Energy Professionals is partnering with clean energy initiatives, innovative energy companies and partners and local legislators to help Rhode Island become the first state to run entirely on renewable energy. 

How To Do Your Part

Concurrent to helping with state-wide solutions, Energy Professionals is also offering free designs and consultations to any home or business who wants to go-green.

The state-wide renewable plan can be realized faster by individual home owners and business owners doing their part.

Energy Professionals specializes in affordable renewable energy solutions that require zero or very little upfront costs. With a pledge to use only local installers to help boost the local job market, Energy Professionals is ready to help any individual who wants to do their part in the Green Revolution.

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