Innovation: Electric School Buses Will Improve Grid Reliability

Not a Pretty Picture The environmental impact of transport is significant because transport is a major user of energy, and

Not a Pretty Picture

The environmental impact of transport is significant because transport is a major user of energy, and burns most of the world’s petroleum. This creates air-pollution including nitrous-oxide and particles; and is a significant contributor to emission of carbon-dioxide.

According to the United States Environment Protection Agency, harmful emissions from transportation accounts for 29 percent of total U.S. carbon dioxide emissions, making transportation the largest contributor to U.S. harmful emissions. As of 2017, transportation had also shown to be the fastest increasing source of emissions, more than any other sector. 

But if that wasn’t enough, Dominion Energy in Virginia not only solves the problem of reducing emissions created by hundreds of school buses among 16 localities, but also throws an innovative solution for grid reliability into the mix. 

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How Electric School Buses Help Grid Reliability

This week Dominion Energy announced it’s development launch of electric school buses for Pittsylvania County; one of 16 localities in Virginia that will be using the Thomas Built Buses to transport our future generation to school.

“We are excited to move forward with our commitment to bringing the benefits of electric school buses to the customers and communities we serve,” said Dominion Energy Chairman, President and CEO Thomas F. Farrell, II. “This is an innovative, sustainable solution that will help the environment, protect children’s health, make the electric grid stronger, and free up money for our schools.” (full article link)

Apart from reducing emissions and setting an example, the electric school buses are part of a bigger strategy to help improve grid reliability through the storage and distribution of renewable energy. 

The new school buses will have large batteries that will be able to store and inject renewable energy onto the grid during periods of high demand and when the buses are not needed for transportation. 

And to top it off, the new school buses will help reduce school buses operational and maintenance costs for schools by up to 60%. 

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