Why Is Energy Independence So Important?

Why Energy Independence? Energy independence often refers to decreasing or eliminating the U.S.’ dependence on other countries for oil and

Why Energy Independence?

Energy independence often refers to decreasing or eliminating the U.S.’ dependence on other countries for oil and fuel; doing so would not only increase our country’s economic stability and growth but it would also provide us with increased security as we no longer need to rely on other countries, and our political relations with them for important energy related elements.

While this is undoubtedly important, when we talk about bringing you energy independence, we’re talking about a similar concept but at a personal level – energy independence for your home or business.

Recent surveys show that many Americans feel they are paying too much for electricity. But it’s not just a “feeling” as another survey revealed that 31% of U.S. households struggle to pay their utility bills at the end of each month, needing to forgo important necessities such as reduced food, new clothes, and medicine. Also read, How Has Coronavirus Impacted Your Electrical Bills?

It’s probably not something you think about every day, but the degree that America is dependent on foreign countries for our energy, you are too. You experience the same impacts that the country does, but on a smaller scale.

This is most obvious in fluctuating prices for gas; but it’s just the same when it comes to natural gas and electricity, especially since natural gas is the number one source for electricity generation.

As of April 2020, the average American pays 13.19 cents per kilowatt-hour, while average U.S. electricity rates have been increasing by 3-4% and in some states even up to 8-9% ever single year for the last decade. These price increases are often related to our overall dependence on a foreign country for our energy.

So, when we talk about energy independence, we’re taking about bringing new levels of energy independence directly to you, the consumer, in a practical and immediate way which is often also environmentally sustainable. We in fact addressing the same concerns about not relaying on foreign countries for power but at a personal scale, and with every home and every business that becomes energy independent we take a small step closer to complete energy independence.

Of course, it also provides many direct benefits to your home and business. Personal energy independence decreases or eliminates your home or business’ dependence on outside sources for power, providing you with completely reliability and security.

99% of U.S. homes and business depend on the grid for their electricity, and they are made aware of how fragile that grid is every time severe weather or a strong storm hits and knocks the power out, which can be quite often depending on where you are. Power outages can go from annoying to very destructive depending on the time of year, for example during winter or summer, or in the case of business, they can be very costly causing operations to shut down for hours and in severe cases days. Energy independence provides homes and businesses with complete security that comfort or operations will continue despite major power outages.

Energy independence also provides budget stability. Energy prices often fluctuate based on demand and supply. For example, in winter heating months and summer cooling months, you’re not only using more energy but you’re also paying more for it. These fluctuating prices make it hard to predict and control your budget and while it can be a little more manageable at residential level, large industrial clients can see bills jump by thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars, digging into their profits.  Energy independence reduces your energy bills to zero, and while you will still be paying for the equipment and installation part of it, these payments are not only predictable but in most cases are far less than what you were previously paying for energy each month.

Another major benefit if the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are independently producing your own energy. Reliability, security, and stability are not just benefits all to themselves. Having fewer things to worry and stress over can improve your personal well being and physical and mental health. Add to that the feeling that every day you’re doing something effective to reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment.

All these benefits can be achieved by decreasing your energy usage through a myriad of energy efficiency solutions as well as onsite generation battery backups. But to experience the full impact of becoming completely energy independent it’s necessary to produce your own power through solar or wind power.

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