Electricity Rates in Pennsylvania Remain High, with Another Hike in December

Electricity Rates in Pennsylvania Remain High, with Another Hike in December Pennsylvania Utility Customers Advised to Shop Around for Lower

How will inflation impact your electricity bill in 2021?

Inflation isn’t something new and electricity rates increase an average of 2 – 4 percent every single year. But will

What Determines Natural Gas Prices?

The Relationship Between Natural Gas & Your Electricity Bills When it comes to finding lower energy rates we all have

Energy Professionals’ Price Protection Program Helps Guard Small Businesses Against Predicted Inflation

National energy consulting firm Energy Professional provides small businesses with protection against inflation and the rising costs of energy. Should

Three Factors That Will Impact the Energy Market – Spring 2021

Are Gas Prices Increasing? Unless you’re driving an EV, you’ve undoubtedly noticed gas prices are rising at the pump. Because

In Sweeping Actions on Climate, Biden to “Pause” Oil and Gas Leasing

Energy News Flash In Sweeping Actions on Climate, Biden to ‘Pause’ Oil and Gas Leasing – New York Times Article,

Heatwaves Sends More Than Just Temperatures Soaring

US temperatures soar due to heatwave and so do energy rates as 84% of America resorts to air conditioning to

Utility Customers Pay for Pandemic Costs

With many U.S. businesses stuck at a standstill for the first several months of 2020, and now finally operating at

Why Is Energy Independence So Important?

Why Energy Independence? Energy independence often refers to decreasing or eliminating the U.S.’ dependence on other countries for oil and

How Has Coronavirus Impacted Your Electrical Bills?

It’s that time of the month again, it’s time to pay your electric bill. Only this month is a little

The Biggest Power Outage in U.S. History

The U.S. power grid made up of the West, East, and Texas power grids, and is composed of over 450,000

Why Is My Electrical Bill So High?

Energy news Update Electricity Rates Increase As is mostly always the case, news coming out of public utility companies over

How Energy Solutions Increase Profits for Manufacturers

Overview Manufactures can experience significant impacts from things such as commodity price changes, tariffs and taxes, labor rates, updated regulations

Rhode Island; Leading the American Green Revolution

With deep roots that run parallel and synonymous with American history as well as a long lists of firsts that

What Industries Use The Most Energy?

Which Countries Use The Most Energy? When we review net energy consumption by country, the top positions seem to parallel

Get Money Back That Never Existed

“In a single year, public utility companies have over-billed their customers $19 BILLION dollars!” A quote taken directly from the

Energy Facts That Make You Go… Eh?

If you’re like most energy consumers, energy equals a bill that you pay at the end of each month; a

Innovation: Electric School Buses Will Improve Grid Reliability

Not a Pretty Picture The environmental impact of transport is significant because transport is a major user of energy, and