Get Money Back That Never Existed

“In a single year, public utility companies have over-billed their customers $19 BILLION dollars!” A quote taken directly from the

“In a single year, public utility companies have over-billed their customers $19 BILLION dollars!”

A quote taken directly from the U.S. House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee, shows utility over-billing to be a far larger problem than we think. Recovering it is like finding money that never existed. 

150 Possibilities

In today’s world, a single utility bill has over 150 cost components. That means, there are over 150 different ways that errors can occur on your statements. Many of these errors completely undetectable by customers – you. 

Recent studies are showing that utility billing errors, such as old and unadjusted utility-based or state-based taxes, charges for unused services, meter reading errors, incorrect rate classes and many other reasons have caused countless cases of over-billing.

While businesses and corporations suspicious of inaccuracies may have the chance to dispute one-off charges, there are many errors that require knowledge and access to information that most energy customers do not have.

Energy Professional has partnered with industry leading attorneys and bill auditing firms; combining our experience, our thorough understanding of the energy market, utility tariffs and rate classes, making for an unparalleled ability to produce refunds, credits and future savings as errors get corrected.

Common Symptoms of Utility Billing Errors

With so many possible errors, the symptoms of utility billing errors can vary, but here are a few of the more commons signs that you should hire a Utility Cost Recovery team: 

“Our wishes became reality as their professional effort resulted in a six-figure refund plus new lower rates going forward. Great job: Many thanks!”

Our Process

What To Expect

With a 30-day turnaround from when we receive a utility bill, our clients routinely experience:

“When access to capital is so hard to come by these days, it’s great to know that your service is here to help business owners manage the bottom line with their telecommunications and utility expenses.”

Examples of Refund Checks Given to Clients After Recovery

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