Pepsi Co or Coca Cola? The Race To Renewable

Just like many timeless, deep and seemingly unanswerable questions that we encounter in life, “Coke or Pepsi?” is a question

2020 Ushers a New Era of Energy Intelligence

See. Control. Manage. Automate. All In A Snap-Shot Energy intelligence connects real-time data about operations to a powerful analytics and

National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

Was one of your New Years resolutions related to money? No, we’re not making it up just because we’re specialists

The 100 Most Energy Efficient Companies of America

Energy Efficiency Delivering the same (or more) amount of products or services while using less energy enables companies to reduce

Data Centers Recent Demand for Energy Efficiency

Big Data Centers Looking for Energy Efficiency Solutions America stands as the second-largest consumer of electricity, just behind the world’s

Feel Good About The Way You Use Energy

Most harmful gas emissions come from the electricity sector, where fossil fuels are used to generate power. Using renewable energy

Steel Plant Set To Operate on Solar and Wind Power

Taking Advantage of The Saudi Arabia of Wind The steel industry accounts for about 6%-7% of our world’s greenhouse gas

Solar Power Solves Water Crisis

Water vs Gold? Would you rather have, 16 ounces of water or a pound of gold?  That’s not really a

60,581 Pounds of Fresh Air

We Just Planted A Bunch of Trees The Air We Breathe Launched by our President and CEO, Jim Mathers, planting

Bill Gates Funds Secret Solar Project

An Energy Miracle That Gate’s was calling for better, more affordable and more reliable energy production was already being talked

Seoul Plans Massive Solar Rollout

The World’s First Floating Solar Power Plant It was almost five years ago when Korea stunned us by creating the

U.S. Cities Start Banning Natural Gas Stoves

They’re Coming For Your Stove! It’s one thing to read about U.S. states committing to 100% renewable energy by 2050;

Were Planting Trees For You

Save Money While Saving The Environment This month, there’s no need to feel selfish or greedy when you save huge

How To Reduce My Electrical Bill This Winter

The No-Brainer Unless you live in Florida, you’re already bracing yourself for the yearly increase in your energy bills that

Trees and CO2 Emissions

A Double Whammy In our previous article, we talked about how strategically placed trees can help you reduce your energy

How Trees Reduce Your Energy Bills

A Little Bit of Landscaping Goes a LONG WAY How to reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint AT

What’s All The Smoke About?

CO2, Pollution, Why Worry? If you’ve been watching the news or surfed YouTube lately; you’ve undoubtedly seen a lot of

To Go Solar or Not To Go Solar? That Is The Question.

Is Solar Right for Me? A Few Things To Check Into With solar on the rise and over two million