Seoul Plans Massive Solar Rollout

The World’s First Floating Solar Power Plant It was almost five years ago when Korea stunned us by creating the

The World's First Floating Solar Power Plant

It was almost five years ago when Korea stunned us by creating the world’s first floating solar power plant. 

But as impressive as that was, the continued pressure to reduce their emissions brought Korea to new and drastic solutions.

Seoul Puts Solar On ALL Public Buildings and 1 Million Homes

As one of the Asia’s largest economies and as the fourth largest coal importer in the world, with 60 coal-based power plants churning out millions of tons with of harmful emissions, South Korea had to start reviewing renewable energy solutions to reduce their emissions. 

Originally planning to retrofit all their coal power plants by installing new anti-pollution technology to help reduce their emissions, this past week they announced a new and massive plan that would reduce their emissions by 1/4. 

The Game Changer

According to an article released by Reuters in June, when official tallied it all together, their original retrofit plans would not only be less effective but would also cost more! Thanks to advancing renewable technology, solar panels and solar power is becoming more and more affordable and proved to be a less expensive yet a more effective alternative. 

Scrapping their original idea, official announced that Seoul will be placing solar panels on all public buildings and 1 million homes (1/4 of all residences in Seoul) by 2022. 

“To have more renewable power, we can make coal power plants run lower” says Kang Seung-Jin, one of the key figures involved in the map out for the initial 2019 plan. (article source)

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