Easy Ways To Slay Vampire Appliances

Slaying Without A Stake! Slaying vampires sounds so exciting until you find out you don’t need to walk through creepy

Slaying Without A Stake!

Slaying vampires sounds so exciting until you find out you don’t need to walk through creepy graveyards and haunted castles and you won’t need a sword or a stake. 

But it’s still exciting because an estimated 10% of your electricity is being wasted by vampire appliances. Businesses that manage their appliance properly have saved a lot of money! 

Here are a few things you can do immediately to help reduce energy waste:

The power of power strips

Use power strips. Plug wall warts and bricks into power strips, and turn them off when not needed. Use smart power strips to make it even easier. Smart power strips automatically cut off power when devices are not in use and can be purchased at any home appliances store.

Office nap time!

We’re guessing that it’s not super-workable to unplug your computers every time they are not in use. However you can put them to sleep. Reduce energy waste by making use of the energy-saving features built into all computers — such as sleep mode. This allows you to quickly turn your computer back on when you need it; but reduce the amount of energy it wastes when it just sits there on screen saver mode for hours. 

Take advantage of modern technology

With more and more focus being put on energy efficiency and energy efficient appliances; you will be surprised as to how many appliances have built in energy saving options.

When it comes time to replace old or broken devices, choose products that are more energy efficient and have a lower than average standby consumption rate.

The gizmo & gadget approach

The easiest approach to managing vampire appliances is to turn them off when not in use. But if you want to take it one step further, you can start to measure what appliances waste energy and how much energy they waste. 

We did a review of various awesome and affordable gizmos and gadgets that help you see how much energy is used by appliances. Knowing this can not only help you manage and slay vampire appliances; but reduce overall energy use within your business and can result in you having more money to use for capital expenses! Click here to see a quick review of current gadgets that can help you.

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