2020 has caused over 16,000 restaurants
to permanently close but not Main Street Station.

2020 has caused over 16,000 restaurants to permanently close but not Main Street Station   How energy savings not only

2020 has caused over 16,000 restaurants to permanently close but not Main Street Station


How energy savings not only saved the jobs of restaurant workers but allowed for a continued legacy of top-quality food and companionship in Plymouth, NH.

What is being known in the industry as the “restaurant apocalypse”, COVID-19 has devastated restaurants across the country. Thousands of which were forced to shut their doors for good, leaving millions of restaurant workers without a job.

In a small town like Plymouth, NH local restaurants like Main Street Station are often cornerstone members of the community. Main Street Station has been serving the community favorites; like their Boston Cream Pie French Toast and Lobster Benedict since 1946 when it first opened. They plan to celebrate their 75th anniversary next year.

Main Street Station Plymouth NH Main Street Station Plymouth NH

Many restaurant owners were forced to lay off staff in order to keep their restaurants afloat. John Nesteruk, the owner of Main Street Station, was determined to take care of his staff. “The profit margins in the restaurant business are very thin so every penny saved is important. Energy Professionals has definitely helped us save money by finding us better energy rates,” said Mr. Nesteruk.

Although the diner was closed temporarily in March due to COVID-19 restrictions, Mr. Nesteruk was able to rehire all his staff the moment the restaurant was able to re-open. “Our staff are like family. We use our energy savings to employ our staff, offer them health insurance, and a company-matched 401K.”

Restaurants like Main Street Station aren’t just serving meals but working to provide a jovial atmosphere and a sense of community where people can share a meal and create memories.

“At times like this, what we do isn’t just about saving our customer’s money, it’s helping businesses stay afloat and we’re happy to know we helped.” Says Jim Mathers, President of Energy Professionals.

With both outside and inside seating available, the restaurant’s priority is safety as they go above and beyond what is recommended so that customers are safe while at the diner. Currently, the restaurant is open at 75% capacity but will be back up to 100% as they complete installing partitions at each booth.

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