3 Simple Ways to Save Electricity

In Commercial Buildings Utilities are often one of the largest overhead expenses for businesses of every size–more of an expense

In Commercial Buildings

Utilities are often one of the largest overhead expenses for businesses of every size–more of an expense than they should be.  In fact, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) identified $3 billion in potential energy savings for the commercial sector in the United States.

In most businesses, electricity accounts for the largest portion of utility usage.  Saving electricity, then, translates directly into reduced overhead expenses.  More than that, sustainable energy practices bring additional benefits:

  • Public and consumer interest in “greener” energy can provide promotional opportunities.
  • Investor interest in sustainable energy solutions can attract potential partners and investors.
  • State and federal incentives for sustainable energy practices can further the economic benefit of money-saving upgrades.

Given so many potential benefits, here are 3 simple ways to save electricity in commercial buildings.

  1. Save on Heating and Cooling

Many businesses are still relying upon natural gas for heating, particularly in colder climates.  Other businesses rely solely upon electricity.  New technology may make it possible to use very little (if any) of either — that is, with geothermal technology.

The process of generating energy through geothermal technology requires very hot conditions–100-300℉.  In some parts of the country, such temperatures can be regularly attained through tapping into ground resources, such as natural warm springs.

Other geothermal technology includes ground source heat pumps. Ground temperatures remain fairly constant and thus can be used for both heating and cooling purposes.

  1. Save on Appliances

Lighting and appliance saving measures can have an immediate impact on saving electricity.  From smarter vending machines which use less power or have their own solar panels, to refrigeration that only turns on when outside temperatures require it, appliances continue to get smarter.

Depending on the needs of your facility, you can save tremendously with such appliance power-saving measures as:

  • Selective heating or cooling
  • Occupancy-sensitive power
  • Automatic shut off or “power save mode” after a specified time period of non-use
  • Remote monitoring, to signal an office or centralized location of power usage

When businesses demand lower-power appliances, manufacturers respond.  This technology is expected to continue to improve in the years to come.

  1. Consider Solar Panels

Solar arrays, solar farms and other large-scale solar power technologies are one of the fastest growing areas of energy innovation.  Solar panels continue to become less expensive and more attractive, while improvements in the technology itself make it possible to store more energy, generate power with fewer daylight hours, and other advancements.

As a result of these improvements, more businesses are opting to meet some or all of their electrical needs with onsite solar panels.  In some areas, solar panels can also be “hooked up into the grid,” allowing a business to first meet all of their energy needs, then flow power overage back to the energy provider and earn energy credit.

Bonus: Get an Energy Assessment

The best way to get started saving on electricity and other utilities is to get an energy assessment.  A qualified energy professional will examine your business’ needs, industry-related best practices, and available benefits for any potential upgrades.  A customized energy plan will identify cost-saving measures, as well as the best way to go about obtaining any needed facility changes.

In many states, for commercial use or for all consumers, energy choice programs further allow businesses to save on their utilities by selecting their energy providers.

At Energy Professionals, we work independently to provide you with complete energy management–from optimizing energy usage and identifying cost-saving measures, to brokering with energy partners for the best rates available in your local market.

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