4 Common Energy Myths

With a growing number of states embracing energy deregulation, residential and consumer providers are empowered like never before to take

With a growing number of states embracing energy deregulation, residential and consumer providers are empowered like never before to take control of energy expenses.

Yet many consumers do not understand the benefits of making changes to their energy solutions.

To help sort fact versus fiction, we have gathered together four of the most common myths in the world of energy consumption.

Myth 1: Rates are What They Are

News flash: “fixed” doesn’t necessarily mean “fixed.”

Even in states without energy deregulation, energy rates are often negotiable.  In those states with energy choice programs, consumers have more choices for their energy provider–creating the potential to save even more on energy expenses.

Some of the ways in which your current energy bill could be reduced include:

  • Negotiating individually lower rates
  • Joining with other businesses (aggregates) to save on energy bills
  • Reviewing bills, in detail, to find costly errors or oversights
  • Reducing peak charges through better energy management (including digital or remote options for many commercial applications)
  • Making energy upgrades or improvements

This is just a short list of some of the many ways in which your energy bill may be improved.  Working with an energy professional, you can maximize the potential available to your home or business.

Myth 2: Changing Providers Might Not Make Much Difference

While it is true that in some states you can not change energy providers, in states where deregulation makes it possible, you may be paying much more than you need to by not paying attention.

In deregulated states, your “default” energy provider is often the supplier, but scores of other options and pricing structures may be in your area.

Speaking to the Baltimore Sun, Bob Barkanic, chairman of the Retail Energy Supply Association’s electric market region of Maryland, Delaware and the District of Columbia observes, “Customers continue to be able to save a lot of money by shopping [for energy providers].”

Right now raw materials and energy resources are both plentiful, making the cost of energy go down.  When consumers aren’t seeing that reflected on their energy bills, it’s time to take charge of energy expenses.

Energy solution professionals get familiar with the providers available in a region, including available pricing structures by consumer size.

Myth 3: Switching Providers Involves Time-consuming Research

Some consumers do see the benefits of negotiating energy rates or switching providers but fear that doing so would divert valuable time and resources toward that research.

It just doesn’t seem worth the effort.

Well, given the potential savings, as much as 30% in deregulated markets, that change may generate immediate ROI, not just long-term gains.

Fortunately, third-party energy brokers can assist in the process–maintaining a neutral position between consumers and providers, negotiating between potential options for the best possible rate.

An energy broker can read the fine print, saving you time and money, while securing your best energy rate.

Myth 4: Greener Energy Solutions Cost More

Many businesses are seeing the benefits of sustainable energy solutions and “greener energy”– customers and investors alike want to support those businesses setting and meeting sustainability goals.

Fortunately, sustainable energy solutions are also becoming less expensive:

  • On-site changes can be made at a little-to-no upfront cost
  • Buying “green energy credits” continues to decrease in cost
  • Installing solar power is cheaper and easier than ever

With these and other advancements in sustainable energy technologies, “going green” doesn’t have to cost extra green.

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