5 Ways Energy Choice Benefits You

When electrical and natural gas supply lines first wove their way across America, there were excellent reasons for having them

When electrical and natural gas supply lines first wove their way across America, there were excellent reasons for having them be state-operated; like the telephone wires connecting towns across the country, the new technology of energy needed to build its critical infrastructure.

But also, as occurred with the telephone technology, adaptation came after expansion.  Telephone companies got deregulated, the supply of the telephone lines separated from the service of connecting customers.  Cell phone technology came into existence.

Similarly, energy deregulation is just starting to take-off: the infrastructure getting separated from the service/supply.

Expect the trend of energy deregulation to continue, and with it, some wonderful benefits to customers.

Choice Saves You Money

One crucial and important aspect of energy choice programs is the competition. 

Centralized energy supply is a monopoly.  In a capitalistic model, energy suppliers must compete with one another, and that competition can play out, rather dramatically, in favor of the consumer.

In markets where options exist, those who take advantage of energy choice programs can save as much as 30% on their energy bills.

Choice Gives You Energy Control

While even some regulated markets give consumers the option to elect more sustainable energy solutions, deregulated markets give you control over your energy solutions. 

Since you are the consumer with a direct voice in your energy provider, deregulation allows commercial and residential energy consumers the power to choose “greener” energy solutions, such as solar, wind or geothermal energy (depending on the resources available in their geographic regions).

Driven by the demand for lower energy costs and greener solutions, energy choice programs are helping businesses meet and exceed their sustainability goals.

Choice Means Customized Solutions

When mobile and cellular phone technology improved, “land lines” became less necessary — even a landline is now frequently a digital service.

Energy technology is also evolving. Digital and remote regulation of commercial energy usage, smarter energy consumption technologies for everything from appliances to light bulbs, and onsite energy solutions such as solar rooftops, are changing the way that energy gets consumed.

Energy choice programs allow for the consumer to have a fully customized energy experience, with vendors who specialize in saving customers money.

Choice Means Better Customer Service

If there were only one clothing store or one grocery store, what would that mean for the level of customer service provided?

When the provider of a service is the only provider, there is very little incentive for excellence in customer care–even an unhappy customer cannot change where they shop. 

Such is the hazard of a monopoly.

In the United States, customer choice drives customer care.  If you do not like the produce at a grocery store, you can go elsewhere.  If you try to return an article of clothing and the store will not allow it, you can do your shopping at any number of competitors with more flexible return policies.

Customer choice for energy choice means that the service providers have an inherent reason for administering their very best care–if they do not, you can simply take your business elsewhere.

Choice Means Innovation

While the infrastructure of energy–the lines, pipes, etc–require maintenance, for the most part, they already exist.  Building a smarter power plant, such as a solar array, to provide the power along such infrastructure, is part of the innovation of the future.

Energy choice programs help drive innovation by putting consumers in the driver’s seat of their energy solutions.

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