A Factor That Makes All The Difference

The Completely Indispensable Factor of Every Business Take a minute to answer this question: As a CEO, as a VP,

The Completely Indispensable Factor of Every Business

Take a minute to answer this question:

As a CEO, as a VP, as an executive or even as a manager, how much can you achieve or produce on your own? How many sales can you make, how many services can you deliver – without any assistance from anyone else in your company, I mean no assistance what-so-ever?

Even if you’re not in a managing position, how much can you produce without working with anyone else within your business. 

In trying to come up with an answer to this question, you’ll note that there’s one thing that you continually depend on in order to achieve the results of your company, produce your products, sales and so on. A completely indispensable factor. One thing you just can’t do without no matter which way you turn, no matter how you look at it. 

Because no matter how amazing executives are – and most CEOs, executives and managers are amazing – there is one aspect of every business that’s more amazing than you. Something that takes any business, its purposes and goals as an organization and makes them all possible.  

Look at every aspect of your business from initial idea creation, to testing it and improving it, business processes and down to marketing, sales and production, customer satisfaction, you name it. All aspects. What’s the one thing that pushes it all forward?

Your employees. 

Employees are the most important piece of your business because without them you’re nowhere. Employees are so important that a recent article released by Forbes magazine shows that employees are even more important than clients. 

Finding That "Amazing" Employee

I once spoke to a CEO who told me that if you hire 100 employees you’ll find one really amazing employee. Well, let’s be honest. It’s true that not every employee hired is a fit for your company. It’s also true that some employees hired are amazing and they do a fantastic job right off the bat and that not every employee is like that. In fact, those amazing employees generally become managers, executives and so on. None of this is news. 

So let’s try an answer another question:

How good would your business be doing if it was only made up of those amazing employees? If every employee you had knew exactly how to do their position and did “amazing” at it! 


The answer lays in training. 

Investing in training your employees is probably one of the best things you can do to ensure every employees becomes AMAZING

Above you can see recent graduates of Energy Professionals’ Energy Advisor Training. 

Our Approach

Jim Mathers, CEO of Energy Professionals, invests in employee training by offering every employee a paid hour of training every single day. 

Energy Professionals employees are able to enhance their skills, learn more about their functions and positions up to five hours every week and get paid for it. That’s in addition to the introductory training every employee completes before working in the company. 

Our training room has two staff that help employees through training with exact training routines and layouts that work to improve every employee no matter their position. 

See our recent Professional Energy Manager graduates

Employee Training =

At Energy Professionals we are interested in seeing our employees and staff succeed at their jobs and do well because when our employees do AMAZING at their job, that means our clients benefit the most. And the more our staff do amazing, the more our clients benefit and the more we achieve our purposes and goals as a company, to create energy independence, giving you more choice and less waste. 

More About Energy Professionals

Founded in 1999, Energy Professionals is one of North America’s leading Energy Consultants working with commercial customers to reduce and control their energy budgets, building client-specific, comprehensive energy strategies that factor in our client’s goals and objectives. Utilizing our extensive network of suppliers, energy efficiency experts and renewable energy partners, we bring the most effective, efficient and innovative technologies to the table. As an energy consulting firm, we offer both focused solutions to a specific issue and broad plans to address long-term growth, paving the way for energy independence, providing more choice and less waste.

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