A Look at Energy Intelligence Software: How It Works and Why You Need It

We live in a society that’s increasingly “smart.” From artificial intelligence and machine learning to virtual reality and voice-assisted technology,

We live in a society that’s increasingly “smart.” From artificial intelligence and machine learning to virtual reality and voice-assisted technology, it seems there’s a gadget and a software solution for almost every function we can imagine.


Did you know this same level of digital sophistication could help you save money on your utility bill?


It’s true. Energy intelligence software is an advanced analytical platform designed to give you a deep-dive look at how your organization is spending money, what your usage trends look like, and what steps you could take to save and conserve.


Today, we’re revealing a few key facts to know about this advanced offering and why it’s an investment your company needs. Ready to get started? Let’s take some notes.


The Purpose Behind Energy Intelligence Software


Put simply, energy management software collects data from varying inputs to provide the insights your company needs to meet and manage its energy-related goals.


The premise is simple: If you don’t know where you’re using the most energy, at what times of the day, and by which departments, how can you take proactive measure toward conservation?


Across the C-suite and supply chain, there are myriad stakeholders to whom this inside look is valuable. Thus, the software is normally made available as a cloud-based tool that enables anyone with authorized access to find the data points they need from anywhere, at any time.


Why are These Insights Necessary?


With these insights in hand, managers can treat energy as they would any other business expense. Then, they’re better equipped to find ways to lower their associated costs. They might find ways to enforce workplace regulations around power use, streamline operations or invest in energy-efficient equipment.


When they do so, they also take steps to make their business as eco-friendly as possible, making it a double-win for everyone involved.


How Does the Software Work?


To spur process improvement, the energy intelligence software must have a comprehensive view of current practices. The data streams it accesses might include utility bills, SCADA or other building automation systems, smart meter numbers and more.


In addition, the platform also takes into account the current energy market and outlying factors, including the weather, that have led to the current pricing structure or may cause it to fluctuate. Combining these two input sources, the software will reveal actionable insights that create a clearer picture of an organization’s consumption levels and areas for optimization, including:


  • More accurate energy budgets
  • Plans for procurement
  • Steps toward utility bill management
  • Individual employee assignments for next steps
  • Areas of building improvement
  • Processes for demand response and management
  • Defined reporting measures


What Today’s Advanced Systems Offer


Simple point systems detailing your company’s energy consumption levels are nothing new. In fact, this technology has been around for decades. However, today’s software platforms are robust and multi-faceted.


You can use them to set up automatic alerts, manage your billing system, organize your energy-related contracts, and receive real-time reports and dashboards that reveal just the data you need to know. While former systems worked fine on their own, they failed to integrate seamlessly with other similar solutions. Yet, these cloud-based platforms are capable of providing a variety of insights designed to meet your company’s unique needs.


The Impetus Behind Energy Intelligence: Making a Change for the Future


It’s one thing to gawk at your utility bill, then shrug and pay it anyway. If you’re frustrated with rising costs and are ready to get to the bottom of your usage levels, energy intelligence software can be the change you require.

Fueling more informed decision-making, these solutions are critical assets to any company looking to cut costs and make strides toward a more energy-efficient future. Let us help you get started by researching our building management solutions and learning more about how you can slash expenses, outpace the competition and go greener — one-kilowatt hour at a time.

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