Another U.S. City Goes 100 Renewable

A Colorado mountain town is best known for its ski resorts, has become the third U.S. city to go 100%

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A Colorado mountain town is best known for its ski resorts, has become the third U.S. city to go 100% green. Aspen, a sleepy mountain community in the Rocky Mountains, had been using about 75% renewable energy until they signed a contract with a wholesale electric energy provider to achieve their ultimate goal.

This goal was part of the “Canary Initiative”, which identifies mountain communities as being very sensitive to climate change, likening them to a canary in a coal mine. This goal is part of a bigger plan by Aspen, who hopes to obtain a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 80% from 2004 levels by 2050.

This is simply another example of a community, not unlike Burlington Vermont (whose former mayor was Bernie Sanders) became the first U.S. city to run on 100% renewables that are making strides to find ways to become independent from fossil fuels. These cities in the U.S. are following the blueprints laid out by other nations.

As previously reported, Cost Rica as a nation has been completely free from any fossil fuels since February of this year, and France has passed legislation that requires all new construction of commercial buildings to be covered by solar panels or plants.

Countries and cities are not the only ones getting into the act. I previously reported that companies like Google and Apple have recently signed huge contracts for renewable energy purchases for their respective companies. The computer company Dell has recently joined the party by partnering with Oklahoma Gas and Electric to power their 240,000 square foot location in Oklahoma City with 100% wind power.

Although the first couple of projects are in small communities, these moves may mark a watershed in the green revolution, prompting other cities to create plans for similar initiatives. For now, it look slike a good start in the right direction.


Matt Helland


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