Are Most Americans Overpaying for Energy?

How Most Americans Handle Their Bills If you feel like you’re paying too much for your energy bills, you’re not

How Most Americans Handle Their Bills

If you feel like you’re paying too much for your energy bills, you’re not alone. 

By survey, that’s the way most Americans feel. Yet, by that same survey, we all pay them anyway and move on with the rest of our lives until next month’s bill arrives. Either that or we have it on auto-pay; barely glancing at the amount each month; knowing it’s too high.

"A lot of people give up just before they are about to make it." - Chuck Norris

The truth is, with fluctuating markets, increasing utility charges and many other factors, most Americans are paying too much; but that doesn’t mean you can’t lower your bills.

The Easy Way

Many Americans live in deregulated energy states (listed above). Energy consumers in these states can choose their electrical supplier; allowing them to shop around for who has the best energy prices.

This is in fact the easiest way to immediately reduce your monthly energy bill. Unfortunately, locking in low energy rates is not as easy as shopping for a new TV. 

With many suppliers, many different plans, market timing to get the best pricing and different contract lengths, energy consumers in deregulated states find themselves in a bit of a confusion when it comes to choosing the best energy plan for their business. 

Many energy consumers are already mid contracts and thinking they’re all set, pass up amazingly low rates and opportunities by not thinking ahead. 

By working with an Energy Consultant, businesses in deregulated states can view all their energy options and get help in locking in the best plans to maximize savings. 

But what if you’re not in a deregulated state? Yes, there is still hope!

5 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bill

If you’re not in a deregulated state, here are 5 things you can do to check rising energy bills:

1. What's New?

If you see a spike in your monthly energy bills don’t just blame it on the weather. Take a look around and see what changed; specifically what’s new.

Have you installed any new equipment, any new bulbs, have you hired 10 more employees and so on. Look for anything that has changed and anything that was added that could increase energy usage. 

If nothing major has been added, check to see if any patterns have changed.

2. What's Old?

While searching for the new can be kind of obvious, here’s one that kind of hides from immediate site. The old. 

Old appliances, old air conditioner units and old equipment malfunctions and hogs energy creating increased bills. 

Most equipment has a certain life span; air conditioners run between 10-15 years depending on how well you’ve maintained them and so on. Old equipment can cost you a lot by using too much energy.

Energy Professionals offers services that refurbish old HVAC units and old equipment, bringing it to like-new condition at a small fraction of the cost that it would take to buy new equipment. Contact us to find out about more.

3. On Even While Not On

Here’s food for thought. Does your printer use electricity even though it’s not printing? You know, the one in the conference room that no one ever uses? 

The answer is yes. 

Most appliances still use small amounts of electricity even though they are not actively running. Although small, in a big building they start to add up to more and more electricity being used and so high electricity bills. 

Turning them off and turning them on when needed can help to reduce energy bills.

4. Increased Utility Rates

If your bill shows a sudden spike; it’s possible that your utility has increased delivery charges; capacity charges or the rate of your electricity has increased. 

The price of electricity fluctuates across the country, and retail residential electricity rates do typically increase over time. In the last 10 years across the nation, average electricity rates have risen approximately 4% per year (although it varies depending on where you live). As the rate you pay for electricity continues to rise, it will mean higher electricity bills, even if you aren’t using more electricity.

Below you can see a map that shows the average electrical rates for 2019:

Energy Professionals can help to analyze your electric bill and not only advise efficiency solutions to help you reduce it; but can also analyze your bill for any billing errors your utility has made and get money back into your pocket. Contact us to find out more.

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5. Let There Be Light!

Everyday there is a moment in your day when your company is using significantly more energy than any other part of the day; maybe when you first start the day and turn all your equipment on at the same time. 

These spikes are measured by your utility company and comprise the second largest portion of your electric bill. 

Enrolling in demand side response or demand side management programs can not only help you reduce your “peak demand” (those moments in your day that you use more electricity) but can also get your money back for reducing the amount of energy you use.

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