Are You Going To Be The Last Coal User?

Beyond The Obvious Ask anybody if they want to be more independent, if they’d like to create their own energy

Beyond The Obvious

Ask anybody if they want to be more independent, if they’d like to create their own energy as opposed to paying an electric bill every month and, if they’d like to help save the planet while at it and the answer is always going to be an emphatic, “YES!” 

But no matter how many yeses, as of ten years ago, going green and committing to renewable energy was a sacrifice people had to weigh between their financial security and helping the planet. Unfortunately, for most companies, it wasn’t possible.

The Surge

In the above bar charts you can see that over the past eight years, renewable energy customers have increased by 300% and the sale of energy produced by renewables (measured in kilowatt hours) has similarly increased. Everywhere you look world wide you can see a complete surge in renewable energy solutions. 

So much so that a full report was just issued by the Oxford Institute of Energy Studies covering the rise of renewables and how old-crude oil energy production companies will start transition to renewable energy production and why. While the report is very detailed and extensive, it makes the point pretty clear, click here for full report. 

But what’s the key factor behind the surge?

Let’s go back to the original question we posed at the beginning of this article. Ten years ago, if you were to ask any business owner if they wanted to be more independent, not pay an electricity bill all while helping the planet, the answer would have been YES

That renewables are the most optimum solution isn’t news, nor does it take a rocket scientist to figure it out. But theres one key factor that’s made the increase in renewable energy production possible. 

Watch this video to better understand the key factor behind the rise of renewables and how you can take advantage of renewable energy solutions, be more independent, reduce your electricity bill to zero and help the planet all at the same time.

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