Energy Indepedence

  In the past, developing energy independence may have had a connotation of mountain men, remote locations, or those with


In the past, developing energy independence may have had a connotation of mountain men, remote locations, or those with a fear of World War III.  But as time has moved on and technology has evolved, energy independence has become smarter, greener and more affordable than ever before.

Watch as Energy Professionals President Jim Mathers explains why there’s never been a better time to change your resources and become energy independent.

Off the Grid Business

Whether becoming energy independent in part or in full, on-site energy generation means taking control of your energy production, not just your energy bill — though the economic benefits of energy independence business operations are substantial as well.

On-site power generation means your business can:

  • Maintain power even in a brownout or blackout power outage.
  • Generate additional energy anytime you need it, not just when the power company says it is available.
  • Stabilize energy bills through greater consistency (lowering such costs as “peak usage” charges).
  • Enjoy power savings, as well as tax incentives for installing greener energy solutions.

Blackouts have become more severe in the United States in the last twenty years. But with on-site backup or power generation, you maintain power. Even if the entire area loses power, like the great New York City blackout fifteen years ago, or experiences a substantial storm, on the scale of recent hurricanes Irma or Katrina, your business can operate uninterrupted.

Natural Gas Generators

Natural gas has nearly limitless applications for energy–it can be used to generate heating or cooling, electricity, cooking or even run commercial laundry equipment.  Hospitals, hotels, and other large businesses often already rely upon natural gas as their primary energy solution.

Natural gas can also be stored onsite, or hard lined to a business/facility, or both (for greater flexibility of service).

Then, with that natural gas, a business can generate power onsite.

Natural gas prices across the country are at an all-time low and are predicted to remain so. Some states even offer incentives or discounts for using natural gas to generate onsite power, over and above the lower cost of utilizing natural gas for business operations.

If you have considered natural gas, we can help you negotiate the best possible rates for equipment, installation, service, or whatever your needs may be.

Solar Power Solutions

Thanks to advances in solar technology, it is now possible to generate some or all of a business’ energy needs with onsite solar solutions.  Solar panels can:

  • Operate on short hours or even indirect sunlight, for year-round usability in nearly any geographic location.
  • Convert to power suitable for use for any energy need.
  • Generate energy on-demand or channel energy to backup batteries.
  • Recharge backup batteries for continuous operation at non-daylight hours or during overcast/stormy conditions.
  • Earn green energy credits or other incentives to reduce, offset or eliminate installation costs.

Solar power is a limitless, totally green and renewable energy source which can utilize existing real estate (such as rooftops) to meet your energy needs.

Energy Professionals are Your Total Energy Partners

At Energy Professionals, we make it possible to take control of your complete energy needs, not just your energy bill.  With hundreds of partners across North America, we will negotiate the best prices and vendors to take you partially or fully energy independent.

From a complete evaluation of your current and future energy needs to the lowest-possible-cost of installation, Energy Professionals will partner with you to meet your budgetary and sustainability goals for independent energy production.

Contact us to find out how to get off the grid and become energy independent.

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