Do you have these three Cs when you look at your energy bills each month?

Energy is an expense that every business has to cover. As a Business Owner, Chief Finance Officer or Facilities Manager,

Energy is an expense that every business has to cover. As a Business Owner, Chief Finance Officer or Facilities Manager, saving money on electricity and energy costs is always great; along with finding ways to better manage your energy usage. But when managing a business, it’s not always at the forefront of your to do list., an online business community, listed electricity as one of the 13 most common overspends of businesses across America.

If you don’t have these three Cs when looking at your monthly energy bills, chances are you could be spending up to 25% or 30% more on energy than you need to.

For larger companies and manufacturers this could translate into tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars a year that they are able to put towards operating expenses.

Are you 100% certain that you are getting the best possible price on your monthly energy bills? For any business or company in a non-regulated energy market, 30% and even 60% of your energy bills go to your energy supplier. Taking the time to ensure you have the supplier that best fits your energy needs can help reduce up to 25-30% of your existing energy bills, giving you more room to operate with.

Decisions are best made when you have a choices and a series of options that you can review to decide what’s best for your business. On the flip side, not having all the information about your energy options could lead to a choice that costs you more than you should be spending. Ask your energy consultant about what options you have.

When it comes to your business, control is everything. Why let someone else control how you spend your money on energy? Having a choice over your energy spend and knowing with certainty that you’re getting the best price gives you control.

For the past 20 years, Energy Professionals has helped thousands of business regain their Choice, Certainty and Control on their energy budgets.

Case In Point

Last month a New Hampshire based I/T and custom solutions company was contacted by an Energy Professionals Commodity Pricing Manager. A review of their energy invoices compared to currently low, real time commodity pricing indicated a possible savings strategy. The best energy supplier options were located and presented to the client, giving them a choice. The solution that best fit their needs was then contracted for a 48 month period, for a total savings over $10,000.

In this case, the customer was given a choice, was shown his options allowing him to build certainty on what the best solution was for his needs and his contracting the rate over a period of 48 months gave him complete control over his monthly bills, cutting out the element of surprise by increased marketing pricing.

Choose Your Energy Supplier

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