Energy deregulation is not a new idea for the US, but shopping for your energy online is. Are we ready for it?

Europe has been doing this for years! Imagine a day when you will never receive soliciting calls for your business


Europe has been doing this for years!

Imagine a day when you will never receive soliciting calls for your business or home again! With automation and technology ever advancing, the smartest companies have embraced this concept and adapted their business model to include an online shopping and check-out system.

That being said, NAEA has worked hard to be the first “Energy Consulting Firm” to add to their line of services, an online shopping and check-out tool.

The top 5 US eCommerce retail Companies

1) Amazon is clearly the king of online retail in the United States, selling a massive amount of electronics, books, and other types of goods. According to their 2014 annual report, Amazon did almost 80 billion in eCommerce sales in 2014

2) Apple is the most valuable company by market cap in the world and is approaching north of 200 billion in total revenue. With online sales surpassing 20 billion for the first time and growing to become more than 10% of revenue, Apple is poised to be a leader in eCommerce for years to come. Although Apple only sells its own products, its market share and revenue is so strong that its eCommerce sales will continue to be enormous.

3) Walmart reported over 10 billion in 2013 and says it has done over 12 billion online in retail in 2014. Walmart is growing above the average eCommerce growth rate showing that it is now serious about online shopping. They are pouring over one billion dollars into their online presence in 2016 to become a stronger competitor to Amazon online.

4) Staples sells a massive portion of its revenue online, something many people might not have realized given their strong in store presence. With almost 50% of total sales online, Staples is one of the strongest online retailers that also has a strong in store presence.

5) Sears does a significant amount of their revenue online, approaching 20 percent of total sales. With a major selection of home products, Sears is clearly going to be a leader in US retail eCommerce for years to come.

Here’s how our eCommerce site works:

First Step: Click to download our ‘How To” PDF that walks you through the shopping and enrollment process for a home or business.


Second Step: Click the “GET STARTED NOW” button below and have fun shopping. If you have any questions during the process, give us a call at: 1 (888) 407-3152

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