Energy News: Why 2050 Is So Important

It’s All About GOALS Self driving cars? Three-dimensional video chats? Pills that change your gender? These are all actual predictions

It's All About GOALS

Self driving cars? Three-dimensional video chats? Pills that change your gender? These are all actual predictions of what we might see in the not so distant future. 

And, chances are, we’ll most likely see them by 2050, along with a ton more things we currently think aren’t possible; just like most things that we saw in Back to The Future are now a part of our daily lives – apart from hover boards.

But there’s another reason we’re talking about a date that’s 30 years away. 

Where were you in 1989?

Try to think just 30 years back, 

The Berlin Wall came down, the last Japanese emperor died, Madonna’s Like a Prayer was rocking the airwaves as a top hit, Who Framed Roger Rabbit took Hollywood by storm, a movie that we doubt your kids have even heard of, the Dalai Lama won a Nobel Peace Prize, the first ever liver transplant was performed and if you had a cell phone, well… let’s just say we’ve come a very long way in just three short decades.

So why 2050? While we’ll see a ton of things between now and then, one thing we’ve got to see by 2050 is the rise of renewable energy. 

Not that renewable energy hasn’t been available or hasn’t been around. But thanks to the last decade of research and development, renewable energy is now more effective and most importantly, more affordable. So affordable that investments into renewable energy solutions is about to top $2.5 TRILLION, in just the last 10 years. 

Installing solar on your house or business is now not only profitable, but it’s normal. So normal that California and Massachusetts are mandating all new construction to have solar, unless it’s shaded. States like Texas are investing in massive wind power production plants that are making renewable energy cheaper than energy being produced by old-fashioned coal plants. New England states are building off shore wind power turbines to help off set their energy demands during winter months. 

Everywhere you turn, renewable energy solutions are becoming the new solutions.

100% Renewable by 2050

As you can see, in a recent publication by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, New York and Maine both recently mandated that by 2050, all their energy will be sourced from 100% renewable energy sources. New York, pledging to do it by 2040.

A huge statement by both states, as they join California, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico and Washington D.C.

“That renewables are taking over is great news” says Jim Mathers, President and CEO of Energy Professional, one of North America’s largest Energy Consultants and an advocate for solar and wind power solutions. 

Just a few months ago, Forbes released an article entitled, Wind And Solar Power Set To Dominate Power Mix by 2050, As Coal Continues To Decline.


Why Go Solar Now?

With the rise of renewables, there has never been a better moment to go solar than right now. Not only does it pay itself off requiring very little to no upfront costs, but solar installations also qualify you for significant tax incentives. 

With solar companies now installing solar all over North America, and the world for that matter, solar for your home or business is no longer an “unknown science” but 100% the best solution for those that want to reduce energy costs, be more independent, and help the environment at the same time. 

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