Five Ways Switching to Solar Benefits Your Business

The sun sends 120,000 terawatts of energy to the Earth every day. That’s 10,000 times more than we are using

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The sun sends 120,000 terawatts of energy to the Earth every day. That’s 10,000 times more than we are using throughout the globe at any time. The harvesting of that clean and renewable energy is finally in high gear, with more and more homeowners choosing to switch to solar power. And it’s not just for residential customers anymore: businesses and business owners are seeking out qualified energy consultants to learn more about how solar power can benefit their enterprise or commercial space. Here’s what they’re learning about the ways that switching to solar power is not just for residential energy customers anymore, and the huge benefits available to businesses of all kinds.

Switching to Solar Power Can Save Your Business Money

The most common reason customers switch to solar energy is to save money on utility bills. The systems can last for forty years or more, and they pay back their initial investment in only a handful of years. With the savings on your energy costs, and the available federal tax credits, solar power can be a virtually cost-free upgrade with many benefits beyond utility bill management.

Switching to Solar Power is Good for Business

There’s pressure on businesses of all sizes to be ecologically and environmentally responsible. And switching to solar power is a highly visible way to show that commitment. And most energy consultants work with local providers, meaning that switching to solar power will create jobs in your community, which is good for your business. The money saved from achieving greater energy efficiency can go back into building your brand and promoting your products and services, especially locally.

Switching to Solar Power Can Increase the Value of Your Property

Properties with solar panels installed sell more quickly, and at greater list prices. And unlike many of the renovations and additions that can be done to increase the value of your property, converting to renewable energy won’t increase your property taxes.

Solar Energy Systems are Low Maintenance

Solar energy systems don’t require regular maintenance or cleaning, and will function reliably for decades. They are also not impacted by failures from local electrical grids. Warrantied systems add even more peace of mind. An energy consultant working with a solar panel installation company can tell you more about warranty options.

Switching to Solar Power Stabilizes Your Energy Bill

Electrical rates fluctuate, and can increase with little cause or warning. And the more you use of conventional grid electricity, the more likely it is that rates will increase. Solar panel systems are not subject to rate fluctuations: once the initial installation is paid for, your energy costs will be consistent and predictable for years to come.

There are many more benefits to installing a commercial solar energy system at your business, and very few disadvantages. With your competitors building environmentally-friendly brands, the rapidly fluctuating costs of conventional energy, and the many bottom-line benefits to switching to solar, it’s a great time to talk with an energy consultant about switching your business to solar power. Contact a qualified and experienced energy consultant at Energy Pros today about how your business can become energy independent.


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