Five Ways Your Company Can Benefit from Sustainability Consulting

You know your business needs to become more sustainable. You’ve read the statistics revealing that the average U.S. business wastes

You know your business needs to become more sustainable. You’ve read the statistics revealing that the average U.S. business wastes 30% of the energy it consumes annually. You know our country has a carbon footprint of 8 billion metric tons, making it the largest carbon polluter in  history.


Yet, you can’t figure out how to get there. After all, you need the lights on to see, you need heavy machinery you operate to get the job done and you need the HVAC system cranked on high to keep your employees comfortable. Where, then, can you cut costs, improve your energy efficiency and take strides toward sustainability?


The answer can be difficult to discern, and that’s where sustainability consulting comes in. Today, we’re sharing five ways your company can benefit from this service, which delivers benefits that affect more than just your office.


Ready to make a change? Start by making a plan. Let’s get started.


  1. Lower Your Energy Use


While sustainability and energy efficiency aren’t always interconnected, it stands to reason that with any major step you take to make your business more sustainable, you’ll help lower its energy consumption, as well.


For instance, a sustainability consultant can work with you to identify which outdated systems and equipment are negatively affecting the environment. When you upgrade them to newer models, you’ll automatically notice a difference in your energy demand.


At the same time, in your effort to become more sustainable, you may work alongside a consultant to research renewable energy resources such as solar panels. These types of upgrades boast a high ROI and can reduce or even eliminate your company’s carbon emissions.


  1. Generate Less Waste


Taking an in-depth look at your current operations, a sustainability consultant can often find ways to help your organization cut back on the waste it creates. Perhaps your legacy printer keeps conking out and you’re putting way too much half-used paper in the trash can. Your consultant can help you set up recycling systems to redirect those scraps. Or, maybe you’re only using a fraction of the material required for a particular product and could benefit from a reuse system.


Not only can this contribute to an improved work environment, but a low-waste facility is an ideal advertising point and one that other B2B businesses will want to learn more about.


  1. Attract Higher-Quality Suppliers and Partners


Put simply, successful businesses aren’t looking to be associated with partners that operate under archaic practices. If you’re still performing processes that are detrimental to the environment, you could be missing out on valuable supplier partnerships and outside investments.


Today, social responsibility has transitioned from industry jargon into a household concept. Take the Dow-Jones Sustainability Indices, for example, which measure publicly-traded companies based on their success in establishing sustainable practices.


Moreover, research shows that 62% of business leaders believe a sustainability strategy is required for a company to be competitive in today’s market. Will they see that in your team or are they going to look elsewhere?


To attract the kind of attention, talent, and dollars that your company needs to thrive, it’s time to prioritize green, lean practices that reveal your team as a forward-thinking, progressive one.


  1. Reduce Operating Costs


Sustainability consulting can be a great way to make the switch to more streamlined and efficient machinery and other office equipment. While these solutions might come with a higher initial price tag, they’ll pull less power from your building and save money over time.


Yet, sustainability requires looking past simple system switch-outs. Your consultant can also offer creative ways to help you slash your operating costs. You may be able to package and sell your unused materials. Or, you might benefit from substituting organic, raw materials in place of your existing, prefabricated ones.


  1. Improve Community Impact


A business leader that makes sustainability a major initiative is one that rallies community support. If you’re looking to connect to your local market, it’s worth the time it takes to implement the suggestions of your consultant.


Are you preparing to open up a new facility in the middle of town? If so, will people be pleased when they learn of your sustainable, earth-first operating model, or will they gawk at the idea of the waste and emissions that your business will inject into the neighborhood?


Your sustainability consultant can help you navigate your nearby resources to obtain the permits, approvals and other documentation required to get city managers on board with your vision.


Sustainability Consulting Benefits are Wide-Reaching and Long-Lasting


There are many ways a given company can take a step in the wrong direction. From faulty leadership to misplaced priorities, it isn’t difficult to go astray. Fortunately, sustainability consulting is one process that can only help your business rather than detract from it.


The benefits of a more sustainable business model are clear, yet the steps toward it can be daunting. The good news? You don’t have to scale the entire mountain all at once.

Start by taking a closer look at the top-trending insights in the realm of sustainability and energy efficiency. Then, consider partnering with a consultant to turn that knowledge into action.

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