How an Energy Audit Can Save You Money this Summer

Now that summer is almost upon us, many homeowners have started to worry about their seasonal heating and cooling costs.

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Now that summer is almost upon us, many homeowners have started to worry about their seasonal heating and cooling costs. Before you turn on your air conditioner, you should probably get a home energy audit performed if you want to save a few bucks on your utility bills.

But how can a home energy audit save you money? Here’s how hiring an energy manager can help you save money this summer.

Fixing leaks

Your energy audit professional will work to identify points of improvement throughout your home. This includes fixing liquid leaks from leaky faucets and water heaters, but your auditor will also check for air leaks.

Checking for air leaks is especially necessary during warm summer months. When your home has more cracks and leaks, all that cool air your pumping into your home will go right out the window. This will create a warmer home, causing you to run your air conditioner more frequently in a positive feedback loop. It’s no surprise that leaky homes have higher energy bills than well-insulated abodes.

Energy managers will often use a blower machine to identify points of leaking in your home before plugging up the holes. It’s estimated that sealing air leaks in your home can save you up to 20% on your heating and cooling bills.

Upgrading appliances

Summer heat is made even worse by inefficient appliances. Older appliances often need more energy to work properly, but much of this energy is also released in the form of heat. This can cause the temperature of your home to surge, especially if these appliances run all day, like your refrigerator.

Switching to Energy Star-rated appliances will prevent excessive heat from harming your home. This is just one way you can strive to improve your home’s energy intelligence.

Offering the best recommendations for summer heat

Your energy operations consulting company will strive to help you achieve energy optimization in a number of different ways. This includes the aforementioned leaks and upgrades, but they will also detail numerous other ways to improve your home. For example, many auditors can help you achieve energy intelligence through renewable energy resources like solar power. Through the combination of these energy recommendations, it’s estimated that an energy audit can save you 5% to 30% on your annual utility bills.

If you’re seeking energy intelligence, rely on the experts of the Energy Professionals. Our experienced staff of energy consultants knows how to save your home or business money this summer. Contact us today to schedule your efficiency assessment.

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