How To Ensure You’re Not Left Without Power in Times of Emergency

The importance of large scale backup batteries and power generators With recent state and federal mandates that push towards renewable

The importance of large scale backup batteries and power generators

With recent state and federal mandates that push towards renewable and clean energy goals and the decreasing costs of lithium-ion batteries, utilities, and energy production companies are starting to invest in big battery backup systems instead of building new power plants.

When thinking of lithium batteries, you may think about the energy storage of your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Utility companies and energy production companies use massive versions of similar batteries and can plug them into big electric grids, stretching energy generation capacity and storage.

At any one time, the amount of power used – or requested by its “energy users” – by an electrical grid can vary. The variations can be huge, depending on climate, time of day, day of the week and so on.

In general, times of peak usage can be nearly double the average amount of power typically consumed. Utilities generally meet that peak demand by building more power plants that run on natural gas, due to their lower construction costs and ability to operate when needed. But despite their lower costs, it’s expensive to build new power plants just to run when needed, in order to meet peak demand hours.

Hence, backup batteries.

Large scale backup batteries help to improve power grid operations when needing to meet consumer demands. They also don’t produce any emissions and in most cases, are powered by renewable energy sources, such as wind or solar.

Renewable energy sources and backup batteries

About half of the new energy generation capacity built in the U.S. since 2014 has come from solar, wind and other renewable sources of energy production. Renewable energy production is a great way to provide energy to the grid while storing any extra energy produced for later use.

A recent study showed that global energy storage systems, as a market, is estimated to grow over the next several years, reaching about $500B by 2025. 

Backup batteries and generators for your business

Three days ago, many Ohio energy consumers lost power for an entire day due to a storm. In 2017, many Florida residences and businesses went without power for up to 14 days.

The loss of power can be detrimental for your business or home. Installing either solar-powered backup batteries or a natural gas generator that can keep electricity running when the grid malfunctions are crucial to ensuring that no matter what happens, you’re never left without power.

With the lowering costs of lithium-ion battery systems and the increasing market, now is a great time to install a backup battery or generator.


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